2023 Video Trends:

A Complete Guide

Chapter 1:

Video killed the radio star. It’s coming for our TVs next.

Welcome to CROOW’s 2023 Video Trends analysis. Our goal is to use our knowledge of video to share with you the top video trends we see making the biggest impacts for 2023. If you use video in your marketing, or are thinking about adding video as a marketing tactic for your business, you’ll want to read on.

Since the dawn of the first TV set, humans have been transfixed by the magic video. It has opened a window onto history. It’s documented the highs and lows of life. And it’s brought people and cultures together.

Now, nearly 100 years after the introduction of the TV, the medium it made possible has broken out of the box.

Video isn’t just here to stay, it has increasingly become one of the most dominant and effective mediums in a marketer’s arsenal.

Chapter 2:

Video First on Social

2022 Stat Recap: The average person is on their phone for about five hours a day.
Half of that time (2.5 hours a day) is reserved for social media.

The scroll stops here.

What began as a fun way for young people to share music, images and ideas away from the prying eyes of their parents and other adults has now blossomed into a full-fledged marketing tactic aimed at every age group of the population. That’s right. Grandma’s on the gram.

For many companies, social media IS their marketing.

Why? Maybe it’s because social media takes up so much of our daily lives. Our phones have become our alarm clocks, and when we reach for them to turn the alarm off in the morning, we invariably end up scrolling through our feeds. And how many of us have had our phones smack us in the face as we fall asleep with it in our hands at night?

LinkedIn jumps on the video feed.

LinkedIn, the world’s largest social network with over 800 million professionals and an unlimited supply of networks, has made video a priority for 2023.

Having a video that tells an important story or message can boost awareness for your business and it gives the opportunity to create a long lasting relationship with your audience. Other growing platforms like Instagram,

No one-size-fits-all solution to social videos.

Cross-platform solutions will continue to grow in 2023, making video even more important. For instance, Instagram video stories and reels can be shared to Facebook and Twitter, giving companies the ability to increase their reach and boost their engagement.

Chapter 3:

Video for B2B / Product Marketing

In 2023, video will be the #1 source for consumers to discover a brand or product.

B2B marketing matches the quality of B2C efforts.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how much a video is worth in your marketing arsenal. Too many companies see only the bottom-line cost when we should be focused on the long-tail benefits of video. Here are just a few of the growing trends we see in the B2B product marketing space.

The average goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds.
The average human? Just eight seconds (and falling).

Product videos reach customers in every corner of the worldwide web.

Product overview videos are more engaging than a list of bullet points or long pages filled with dense paragraphs, and they can be viewed by interested customers at any time and from anywhere. Product reviews and video testimonials can also offer trusted, unbiased social proof.

You gotta lot of ‘splaining to do! There’s a video for that.

Explainer videos are perfect for sharing tips, creating listicles, showing step-by-step directions, building awareness and more. And with some smart planning and the right partners, these vital videos won’t break the bank.

Videos make education look good.

Nothing illustrates the emerging dominance of videos quite like TikTok’s 2022 branding campaign with its catchy slogan “TikTok taught me.” Videos are great teachers. Creating an educational video on a product or topic can act as a more immersive way for consumers to retain valuable information and relate to your product.

Want more B2B ideas? Check out: 15 Video Ideas to Boost Your B2B Marketing.

Chapter 4:

Mini Clips on TikTok Making a Big Impact

TikTok is the number one platform marketers are increasing their investments in for 2023.

TikTok grows ups in 2023.

Is there anything more simple than the original concept for TikTok? Forget 280-character limits. Don’t fret the friend requests. Just churn out entertaining videos that rack up the views and the followers. If ever there was a medium that understood the scrolling culture, this is it. But just like other social channels before it, it didn’t take long for businesses to take notice and join the fun. Look for even more and better corporate TikToks in 2023.

Mini clips have mega star power potential.

Where else can you pluck a 10-15 second clip from one of your videos and turn it into marketing gold? Whether it’s a teaser or just a short and sweet marketing message, look for mini clips to rise to prominence within the next year.

That doesn’t mean long-form videos are going away.

Even on a platform that’s famous for its love of short videos, smart marketers find ways to showcase their longer form content. Create segmented clips to turn a single 5-minute video into 10 30-second videos. Not only does the increased content drive engagement but it by segmenting your messages, you’re serializing them in a way that keeps viewers engaged and eager for the next segment.

Chapter 5:

Influencers As Marketing Partners

The highest paid Instagram influencers can make up to a million dollars per sponsored post.

We’ve entered the age of the influencer.

With more 1.7 billion unique visitors a month, YouTube offers influencers a platform to build their brand and their wealth while helping sponsors reach exponentially more customers than a traditional marketing campaign can. And YouTube is just one of the social platforms where influencers are taking over. Instagram and TikTok are filled with highly-targeted, immensely successful influencer content.

Influencers are individuals who have built a large following by creating entertaining content (usually video) that viewers can’t help but like, share, and comment on. Social media, and the use of influencers in particular, is becoming not just another way to engage with clients, CEOs, thought leaders, and brands, but it is quickly becoming THE way.

2023 will see even more influencers being used for corporate messages.

In 2023, more companies will utilize the popularity of influencers to advertise their brands. This partnership could be as simple as popping a logo in their content. However, savvy marketers will seek to create a stronger link between their brand and an influencer’s highly loyal audience.

Chapter 6:

Trend Five: No Audio, No Problem

92% of U.S. consumers view videos with the sound off on mobile.

Is a video still a video if there’s no audio?

You bet it is. And, if done correctly, your video content can have the same (if not greater) stopping power even without the help of added audio.

It’s easy to understand why silent videos are a growing trend. Humans are attached to our phones. Literally. They might as well be part of our hands. But just because we’re in the mood to watch a video doesn’t mean we’re in a place where it is acceptable to do so (with the sound on, anyway).

Subtitles or sign language or simple visuals?

If videos are king, mobile phones are their kingdoms. Before you spend a lot of time and resources on your next video project, think about how it might work without the benefit of sound. Will captions help? Perhaps subtitles? Or what if the entire concept was created in a way that your message was easy to understand without any audio cues at all?

Chapter 7:

New Production Formats

The barriers to entry for “on-location” corporate video production are now zero.

The rise of the LED studio is going to take your brand places.

Ever seen a video or an ad and quickly recognized that it was filmed (rather poorly) in front of a green screen? Well it’s about to get a whole lot harder to distinguish between real on-location shoots and those created in an LED studio.

LED studios use high-quality light management to ensure even light distribution from every angle. By creating a flattened, evenly lit filming environment, it allows you to seamlessly add any high-res image to the background. Bingo. You’re in the Bahamas. Or your office. Or on the moon. Or anywhere your customers are.

Advanced green-screen techniques aren’t just for Hollywood anymore.

We all know sci-fi movies and shows aren’t filmed in space. But, boy, does that Hollywood magic (and money) make it feel like they are! In fact, “The Mandalorian” was filmed at an LED studio using the same type of filming techniques you now have available for your corporate videos. Out of this world, isn’t it?

Chapter 8:

Authenticity and the Rise of The Execs

83% of B2B customers say authenticity builds trust and influences their preferences.

Let your company’s character shine through.

Consumers aren’t suckers, no matter what P.T. Barnum thought. They can tell when a marketing message seems forced. And they are quick to broadcast their thoughts on social media when a video doesn’t match up with the experience they’ve had with a brand. So what’s the solution? Forget the complex storyboards and convoluted scripts. Just be authentic. Be real, and you’ll find that real ROI follows.

Don’t talk about your passion. Show it.

You live your culture every day. So why not pull back the curtain and give your customers a real look at your culture? Grab some coworkers or, better yet, feature company executives for a high-level rundown of your company’s direction and executive vision. You might also consider filming testimonials to show what valued clients think of your brand and how it has impacted them. And the great thing about testimonials is that these are inherently genuine. That’s more important than ever these days.

Chapter 9:

Search Optimized Video

87% of marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.

If you film it, will they watch?

Whether internet users are searching for video content on video-only platforms like YouTube or general search engines such as Google, it’s important to do as much as you can to make your videos discoverable.

It takes more than inserting a few choice keywords into your video title and description to increase your likes, views, comments and shares.

You made a video. Let’s make it visible.

One easy way to improve search results is to add captions to your videos, making them accessible to hearing-impaired viewers and viewers who (as we’ve seen) prefer to watch videos with the sound off. Another simple trick is to select a thumbnail image that draws your viewer in. And embedding your video onto your own site will also help to optimize it for search engines while having the added effect of increasing the time your web visitors spend on your site.

Chapter 10:

Consistency and Volume

People retain 90% of what they learn from videos as opposed to just 10% from text-only.

You’re only as good as your last piece of content.

Given the proliferation of social media platforms and social media usage, video has become an integral part of any social media presence. And it’s not because companies are pushing videos at consumers. Consumers are actually the ones demanding more and better video content.

Videos are easy to consume, which is important in a doom-scroll world. And they stand out from the traditional social stream with their easily-digestible, fun-to-watch, and captivating content. No matter how good your writers are, video content will always trump text.

According to The Marketing Helpline, social media posts with video in them get 48% more views than otherwise.

Volume is one thing. Consistency is the key.

With the use of social media increasing day by day, video consistency has become the most important factor in determining a marketer’s success on social platforms. Create and stick to a regular posting schedule. Doing so will juice the algorithms, which will feed more views and engagement, which will drive more credibility.

Chapter 11:

Corporate Video Catches Up

Consumers don’t change their personality simply because they’re at work.

B2B doesn’t have to be boring.

Corporate marketing has historically been sterile and easily forgotten because too many B2B marketers have forgotten that even though they’re “business to business” they really are targeted at a person. Using smart video marketing and keeping up with the latest trends can help humanize your brand and accelerate your engagement.

2023: the year corporate videos kick it into high gear.

B2B video views are poised to continue to leap ahead of other types of content. Why? They’re quick, easy to engage with, add personality to a marketing message and can be just as entertaining as they are informative. They’re also easily shared.

Corporate videos allow you to communicate in the moment.

Video production is often faster to create and easier to share than written communications, which is especially important if you have breaking news to share with a wide audience. In addition, regular video updates allow executives to create authentic internal communications.

Corporate videos hold your audience’s attention.

We’ve already discussed our shrinking attention spans. Add to this that, according to Cisco, video accounts for at least 82% of all consumer internet traffic. And for those who think our video preferences might change when we are at work, Forbes reports that 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.

Corporate videos create opportunities for leadership.

While leadership styles vary, many written corporate communications pieces are often stale and lack personality. Video gives your internal leaders, even those beyond the c-suite, a chance to shine and introduce themselves to employees and clients who may only know them as a name on an email.

Chapter 12:


How will your company capitalize on these 2023 video trends?

Creative collaboration can help your team reach the next level. Establishing these best practices inside your company will promote unity and productivity among your team members. We know it can be difficult to do this alone, which is why we created a solution.

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