Asset Creation & Management

All project management software is the same…until it isn’t. Go beyond the standard and see how CROOW can power your business.

  • Use Requests to Standardize Creative Briefing

    CROOW Requests can be your custom briefing tool to standardize intake as you kick off creative projects. Use CROOW’s request forms with your preferred briefing questions to ensure you have the required information to get started.

  • Simplify feedback loops and approvals with online proofing

    Use our approval tool to provide feedback on creative by directly pinning comments to the asset. Just upload a creative asset, invite team members, and get started on creative review.

  • Keep a full history of revisions

    During the approval process, keep track of the progress of creatives. Upload a new version, while keeping a history of the original versions and prior comments.

  • Organize your brands and assets all in one place

    Create brand libraries, upload logos, and add creative assets including color palette, fonts, images, and templates. Then share your brand with all collaborators so everyone has the official brand assets.