11 Best Project Management Blogs to Follow

If you're looking to up your organization skills, dig into our list of the best project management blogs and add your favorites to your reading list.
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By Caitlin Wittlif Nov 10, 2021
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Whether you’re a project management pro or a newbie to task organization, there is always more to learn. One of the exciting things about project management is new techniques, tools, and processes are being innovated all the time, so staying on top of these trends will help you stay on top of your PM game. One of the best ways to educate yourself is to follow top-notch project management blogs. There’s a lot out there, so here are our picks for the 11 best project management blogs to follow now.

The Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager is a community of PMs that showcases best-in-class resources every digital project manager should know. Their blog is a collaborative effort from community members that covers tiny details like key things to look for in scope documents, to big-picture strategies, like how to say no to stakeholders. Once you’ve perused the blog, if you’re ready for more in-depth training, DPM offers it—and how-to guides, too.

A Girl’s Guide to PM

Elizabeth Harrin started blogging about project management in 2006, and since then, has grown a community of 16,000 around A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, and written six books. Her blog features practical, immediately adoptable tips and useful templates for things like project tracking and budgeting. Whether you’re trying to decide if you should pursue PMP certification or just need a PM term broken down in an easily digestible way, this blog has you covered.

Association for Project Management

APM is the chartered body for the project profession, but their blog is accessible to anyone looking to sharpen their PM skills! Blog contributors include a variety of professionals, so you’ll get different views on best practices and challenges. Even if you’re not a professional project manager, topics like exploring unconscious bias and running effective meetings are relevant in every office. 


If you want a wealth of resources all in one place, look no further than ProjectManagement.com. This hub links to a number of excellent blogs, like Voices on Project Management, Helping Project Managers to Help Themselves, and many more. You can explore these resources right from the website, and dig into topics like PMO metrics, giving projects purpose, and accountability versus ownership. 

The Lazy Project Manager

No-nonsense advice with a good-humored and digestible style is what’s in store at the Lazy Project Manager. The blog, run by writer and PM expert Peter Taylor, features anecdotes around topics like change management, communication, and expectation management. Peter presents this information in ways that are funny and memorable, so that when you go to put them into practice, recall will be easy. This is a great blog to start with if you’re a little intimidated by project management, because the Lazy Project Manager gives you stealth knowledge through humor.


From agile to scrum and career advice, ProjectCubicle has endless tips to take your project management to the next level. ProjectCubicle.com provides practical solutions, tutorials, articles and even templates to help you manage your projects more successfully.


Brad Egeland has over 25 years of professional experience that he brings to each of his posts on project management, so if you’re looking for a virtual PM mentor, look no further than his blog. Brad regularly covers timely topics, like his look at how COVID-19 has impacted the workplace, as well as evergreen content like how to properly coach employees. 


Sarah Hoban is a passionate project manager with professional experience who shares her techniques for effective project management, and also dives into productivity tools to provide in-depth reviews. Because she’s been in both project and product management roles, Sarah’s blog also examines things like the difference in role scope.

PM Solutions

PM Solutions is a project management company that aims to assist businesses in applying project management to their processes, and their blog reflects this. The blog goes deep into more high-level project management approaches, like applying agility to your projects and processes. They also host webinars, so if you’re looking for some additional learning, PM Solutions is a great one-stop shop.

The Management Atheneum

Raju Radhakrishnan runs the Management Atheneum, a blog that aims to provide tips and mentorship around project management. A recent series called the Gnosis series provides bite-sized articles on things like the benefits of project plans, so you can gain insight before you’re halfway through your first cup of coffee. Raju wants to make his PM blog the best it can be for his readers, so right now he’s even running a feedback campaign. If you’ve ever had a burning question about project management, you can provide that feedback and the blog will cover it.


PMStudent is run by Margaret Meloni, a certified project management professional with a specialty in IT project management. Her blog is aimed at the student in all of us, with posts on must-have PM skills, change management tools, and so much more. She’s also got an accompanying podcast so you can take in PM tips on the go.


You know CROOW is a project management platform designed to increase collaboration, productivity, and quality outcomes—but did you know our blog is a wealth of information, too? We cover topics ranging from project management and digital trends to creative collaboration and leadership, and always aim to bring new perspectives to our readers. Time tracking tips, productivity tools, and PM books, oh my—we’ve got features on this and much more.

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