5 best StudioBinder Alternatives for Video Project Management

StudioBinder is an established video project management software, but it comes at a high cost and it is not quite so comprehensive that it eliminates the need for other software to complement. Teams looking for a more affordable alternative and a one-stop-shop software may want to look in a different direction.
By croow_admin Jun 22, 2023
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Video project management comes with its own unique set of challenges – team members want to be able to manage the entire production process all in one centralized location, without important assets and communications getting lost. The intricacies of a video production depend on workflows and processes that are well-suited specifically for video teams. And for video teams that are juggling multiple projects at once, staying organized and on top of due dates is imperative to ensure that your team doesn’t fall behind.

Just as important, video projects often involve a number of moving parts, including working with freelancers and vendors from outside your company, as well as clients who want to have a say in the production process. The best way to manage these moving parts is through the use of a software that is organized, intuitive, and easy-to-use for stakeholders external to your team. In short, you need a software that enhances collaboration both within your team and external to it.

StudioBinder offers some solutions for video teams looking to better manage projects. With a call sheet builder, storyboarding and shot lists, and built-in client approvals, StudioBinder is a reliable option for teams looking to produce more streamlined video projects. 

However, StudioBinder may not be for everyone in part due to its price point, which runs costly for smaller companies or independent contractors. In addition, StudioBinder only offers some solutions for teams that are looking to collaborate more efficiently. Here’s the good news: there are some very reliable alternatives for video production management software out there that teams can leverage.



CROOW is an award winning video production project management platform, with features to streamline creative and video production. CROOW is the first full-service project management software for video: teams have all of the traditional accessibility of project management softwares, while also having distinct video tools. CROOW centralizes the entire video production process into one easy-to-use software, offering solutions for Project Setup and Management, Briefing and Scripting, Client Assets and Collaboration, Storyboard Development, Production Call Sheets, and Revisions and Editing. With all of these features included in one software platform, CROOW is the only software you’ll need to manage video projects, collaborate with clients, and scale your video production. Put simply, there is no tool on the market quite like CROOW. It is powerful and unique, and gives video teams the ability to manage video projects like never before. For an affordable, powerful tool, CROOW is your best bet.


2. Celtx

Celtx offers an integrated script-to-shoot featureset that includes shot lists, scheduling, and call sheets to ensure that your whole team is on the same page throughout your video project. With accessible tools for use throughout the production process, Celtx is useful for work in film and television, digital media, and marketing and advertising teams. Celtx is also an affordable option for teams, though some users have reportedly had trouble collaborating on the platform. 


3. Assemble

While Assemble is not designed specifically for video teams, its suite of content creation tools can help all creative teams get work done more efficiently. With features for Calendar and Task Assignment, Asset Management, and File Sharing and Feedback, Assemble helps teams find more efficient workflows, track progress, and collaborate with one another with greater ease. Because it lacks distinct video functionalities, you may need to combine Assemble with other PM software to get the greatest use out of it.


4. Dramatify

Dramatify has been created for a wide range of video production needs, from drama and entertainment, to talk shows and documentaries. With pre-designed workflows for specific genres of video production, Dramatify is a sensible product for companies that work across a range of genres and produce a wide variety of video content. However, the range of offerings is reflected in the high price point, which is likely to be too high for smaller production companies or teams that are only looking to produce one type of content.


5. Krock.io

Krock.io is project management software designed for creative teams to manage video projects from creative brief to final deliverable. You can assign tasks to team members and also sign off on steps of the project to ensure that everybody on your team is content with the work and makes sure that it is of the highest quality for your clients. Team members can review all assets directly in the software, whether it’s video content, written content, or an image. Krock.io also offers an in-app storyboarding tool; however, the storyboarding tool falls short of competitor’s storyboarding tools, which are more versatile and more useful on a per-project basis.