8 Best Free Basecamp Alternatives to Try Now

If you want the organizational functionality of Basecamp without the price tag associated, try one of these 8 free basecamp alternatives.
basecamp alternatives
By Sarah Rodhouse Jan 26, 2021
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Remote work was put on the fast-track to normalcy in 2020, and even as time has passed, the trend holds strong for many companies. With team members physically apart from each other, project management software usage is on the rise to help unite teams. These softwares, like Basecamp, can make remote work easier and collaboration smoother. Basecamp is a web-based project management software with features including to-do lists, milestone tracking, messaging, file sharing, and time tracking. With this software, remote teams can elevate their work by purchasing paid subscription plans. However, there are many free softwares that are comparable to Basecamp. Here we have gathered the 8 best free Basecamp alternatives for your remote team to try now. 


CROOW is the number one best free Basecamp alternative. CROOW is a project management software made for creatives, by creatives. Some of the primary features of CROOW include task tracking, asset sharing, requests to streamline your workflow, feedback sharing, and more. CROOW is a great collaboration tool, especially for teams operating remotely, because you can create Approvals within the app for your teammates or clients to review. Feedback, commentary, and revisions all live in one place in CROOW, meaning you don’t have to go searching through files and links to find what you’re looking for. Not only is it a one-stop shop for the tools you need to increase productivity, you can get most of CROOW’s functionality via a free account.  


nTask is another free project management software. nTask is a tool that allows you to track and manage all of the tasks and processes related to your project. It includes features like to-do lists, task management, timesheets, risk management, collaboration tools, and more. The basic account level is completely free for businesses to utilize. 

Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is the project management software for everyone! Trusted by companies like Airbnb and Spotify, Toggl is a simple work planning tool that anyone can try for free. It comes with all the features a remote team needs to manage work — timelines, Kanban boards, custom task workflows, and more.


Freedcamp is a Basecamp alternative that is, well, free. Freedcamp allows you to onboard unlimited users to organize projects and seamlessly collaborate with one another. Some of the highlights include task management, Kanban boards, public and private tasks, Gantt charts, discussion platforms, and time tracking. Freedcamp offers unlimited storage space, too!


GanttPRO is an online project management application based on Gantt charts. A Gantt chart is a bar chart that provides a visual view of tasks scheduled over time, named after its inventor, Henry Gantt. It allows for at-a-glance updates, so you can quickly understand how much progress has been made on a project. Some key features of GanttPRO include a concise interface, good collaboration tools, time tracking, and issue management. 


ClickUp allows you to plan projects and monitor team progress all in one place. With ClickUp, you can create custom statuses, monitor goals, and manage apps by need. It is available for free for up to 100 MB storage and unlimited projects. No matter your role in your organization, ClickUp has a perfect view for you in the tool.


Another Basecamp alternative is Huddle, which was designed for document collaboration and client engagement. A great solution for remote teams, Huddle has enhanced security features, collaboration tools, task management, and file requests. 


Trello is a free project management software that puts an emphasis on collaboration. With flexible and unique boards, lists, and cards, remote teams are able organize and prioritize their projects in a user-friendly way. Its focus on teamwork makes it a great Basecamp alternative and free project management option for remote teams.