The Benefits of Cloud-Based Project Management Software

If you've heard of cloud based project management software, but aren't sure about the benefits — have we got the post for you. Read on to learn about advantages of this technology for your workflow!
cloud based project management software
By Sarah Rodhouse Apr 21, 2021
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In today’s world, technological advancements and current events change the way we work at a quick pace. Cloud-based technology is taking the workforce by storm, with more than 60% of businesses utilizing the cloud already in some way, shape or form. If your company is on the hunt to get started with cloud technology, read on for the benefits of cloud-based project management software. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based PMS

Easily Accessible

The key differentiator for cloud-based project management softwares is that you can access them anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device—given that an internet connection is available. This type of technology eliminates the need for a specific server and provides the flexibility to work from a desktop, laptop or even mobile device. This is especially useful for remote teams, as they are geographically separate from one another but have equal access to resources, files and information. 

File Sharing and Storage

When working on a project with any type of team, there will be files that need to be shared. Cloud-based project management software offers secure storage for the files you need, giving everyone on the team access to the same documents at the same time. These file sharing and storage features not only benefit remote teams, but can improve collaboration on all types of projects. This functionality eliminates the tired back-and-forth of emailing files that can cause version confusion.  

Real-Time Updates

Another benefit of cloud-based project management softwares that has a huge impact on collaboration is real-time updates. Not only can team members access the same files, the technology allows for updates saved in real time to reflect the current status of the document for everyone to see. Many softwares will also show who edited the document and when, saving your company time and money in IT services.  

Doesn’t Take Up Space

Old-school project management technologies typically require hardware, installations, and tons of storage space on your computer. Switching to cloud-based softwares eliminates this hurdle completely—no license needed. As these platforms simply require an Internet browser to access, they can improve your project management in a hassle-free way. 


Let tedious tutorials, long user guides, and frequent user workshops become a thing of the past. Cloud-based project management platforms typically have user-friendly interfaces that are easy on the eyes and easy to learn, too. Training becomes easier because these platforms are designed to be simple to use and quick to adapt to in a fast-paced working environment. 

Cost Effective 

Project management softwares can be a very effective way to streamline your company’s workflow without breaking the bank. No extra hardware or installation is needed, and your employees can use the same computers they were already using. Less reliance on IT teams and equipment is needed, as most cloud-based softwares have their own customer service teams to troubleshoot your IT needs. Most of these softwares are transparent about their prices online, and some even offer free trials for your team to see if it’s a perfect fit.  


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