8 Content Marketing Examples to Attract New Leads

Worried about getting lost in the land of content overload? Read on for specific examples of content that can bring in new leads and connect you to your audience.
content marketing examples
By Phoebe Perelman Sep 8, 2020
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Content is king, and it is everywhere. Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly bombarded with streams of marketing content on every multimedia channel. Blogs, YouTube videos, social media posts, and even online courses are just a few content marketing examples. Content marketing is so pervasive that some of us have become experts at tuning it out. So the question is no longer, “How do we produce enough content?” It’s, “How will our content marketing strategy cut through the noise?” Below, we’ve highlighted eight content marketing examples that are uniquely effective for attracting qualified leads.

1. Blendtec’s Video Marketing Series

“Will it blend — that is the question,” Tom Dickinson poses to the camera. Dickinson, CEO of Blendtec, starred in one of the most successful (and distinct) video marketing campaigns of all time. Blendtec’s YouTube channel Will It Blend? has nearly one million subscribers and over 50 million views. A typical blender brand may have showcased smoothie recipes, but not Blendtec. Instead, Dickson experiments with blending things like an iPhone 10. The counterintuitive video series was an experiment in raising awareness and in proving the power of Blendtec’s blenders. Through quirky, cost-effective measures, Blendtec brought life, humor, and a fanbase to an expensive kitchen appliance.


2. National Geographic’s User-Generated Content (UGC) Campaign


Who hasn’t dreamed of getting their photo shared by National Geographic? And how does a free trip to Yosemite National Park sound? These are the two incentives that garnered tens of thousands of user-generated posts for National Geographic’s #WanderlustContest. The beauty of the UGC is that much of the work is done for you. National Geographic watched entries from around the world spill in, and then reposted those entries on various social media channels and their website. National Geographic’s annual photo contests consistently result in record-breaking engagement, which serves as an indispensable part of their content marketing strategy. 


3. REI’s Advice Page


New to the outdoor adventure scene? REI has got you covered with beginner gear AND expert knowledge so that you’re equipped to handle anything. One major purpose of content marketing is to keep customers engaged by providing solutions to their needs. This resourceful page is helpful to adventurers of all kinds, and may even encourage someone to try a new activity, therefore spurring new purchases and reinforcing relationships. 


4. American Marketing Association’s Webinars


It’s safe to say AMA knows a thing or two about attracting leads. One of the ways they do so is by offering educational webinars, training, and panels. AMA is capitalizing on the professional development wave — many marketers and businesspeople are looking to grow and improve. As a global thought leader, it’s easy for AMA to leverage their expert insights by providing these digital opportunities. Many of the webinars and panels are even free of charge — all it will cost ya is your email address and job description. 


5. Zomato’s Visual Content Marketing


Serving restaurant reviews to 65 million every month means that the Zomato folks are doing something right. Zomato is acclaimed for its functional mobile application and witty content marketing plan. It’s no surprise that Zomato’s content is centered around food photography, but that’s not all they’re cooking up. Zomato’s voice is deliberately genuine, amusing, and contemporary. The tactic is simple, but the humorous messaging paired with mouth-watering images go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes, simple content becomes timelessly classic.


6. Hubspot’s Content Marketing Workbook

Ironically enough, this content marketing example is an introductory guide to content marketing. Once a valuable workbook is created, it can be updated and repurposed over and over again. This is a perfect example of evergreen content. Workbooks are a cost-effective way to offer your consumers insight and assist with their goals, hence building rapport.


7. Charmin’s SitOrSquat App


Even toilet paper companies can use specific content marketing ideas to their advantage. Charmin came out with a mobile app called SitOrSquat in order to help people find clean bathrooms on the road. The app rates the cleanliness of each restroom and even informs users if there are showers, changing tables, handicapped stalls, and other amenities. SitorSquat has been downloaded more than 100,000 times, which translates to 100,000 potential leads.


8. Shutterstock’s Creative Trends Report


Research-based reports are a prime example of b2b content marketing. Data is integral to decision making, and just about any company can collect it, organize it, and publish a report in exchange for contact information. However, not just any company can pull off as snazzy a presentation as Shutterstock can. Shutterstock’s 2020 report boasts interactive elements including GIFs, videos, music, and a map. This is all in addition to the valuable customer insights that designers and marketers crave. 

Content marketing opportunities are endless, and there is always room for experimentation. The eight examples above are vastly different, and soon there will be new best-in-class examples, but one thing remains the same: the most successful content marketers know their audience and brand values. So regardless of your product or content marketing plan, make sure your brand is well-defined and well-managed before you start publishing creative content. 

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