CROOW Named Top 10 Innovative Company of 2021

Mirror Review selected CROOW as a Top 10 Innovative Company of 2021! Read on for details.
top 10 innovative companies
By CROOW Staff May 19, 2021
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CROOW has been selected by Mirror Review as one of the Top 10 Innovative Companies of 2021. The project management software company, founded in 2019, was established by CEO and Founder David Capece with the mission to unify business leaders, project managers, and creatives into high-performing teams to maximize collaboration — and profits.

“CROOW is designed to be the next generation of software that enables companies to break through barriers and accelerate growth,” David says. “It is more than a project management platform. It is a performance management platform that includes everything you need to manage a creative or services organization.”

CROOW’s innovation partially comes in the form of lessons learned in the early stages of growing a business. From “failing fast” and pivoting solutions to partnering closely with users in order to implement feedback, this is a company built for collaboration, through collaboration.

The future of CROOW looks even brighter, according to David. “I think what’s different about 2021 is that it’s a return to growth,” he says. “I also think while unemployment may be a little high right now, increasingly the best talent doesn’t want to be stuck doing low-value tasks. There will be more pressure to automate and remove low-value tasks. This could also tie into team sizes, because companies are dealing with smaller teams. Having to do more with less resources makes project management essential. Companies will be scaling up, so they need a tool that will scale with them. That’s how we see CROOW helping and supporting teams.”