7 Employee Perks to Attract Top Creative Talent

Feeling perky? You should be, if you want to win over top creative talent. If you’re hiring and you want to attract the best of the best, read on for the seven perks that will keep prospective employees interested.
employee perks
By Caitlin Wittlif Jul 15, 2020
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What makes the best creative candidates clamor for a job at your agency? Lots of factors are at play, of course. Creatives are most certainly looking for a supportive working environment — one where they can be free to innovate, where they work well with teammates and feel supported by their boss. They may seek you out because of a specific client you’re working with, or the reputation your company has built.

One consideration that continues to grow in importance, though, is what employee perks your company offers. In fact, according to research by EBRI, 78% of employees say that company perks are very or extremely important in their decision to accept a job offer. Deciding which company perks are the best company perks, however, is another matter. Again, opinions on this will vary somewhat from employee to employee, largely depending upon where they are in their lives. But, if you consider investing in even some of the suggested perks below, you’re sure to see an ROI in attracting top talent, and retaining it.


Obviously, the salary you offer your prospective employee is not a perk — it’s the compensation they will receive for the work they perform. But, competitive, above-average compensation can be a perk, and it can pay off for your company, too. By offering excellent wages, you’ll have employees who are more productive and engaged. You will also be much more likely to retain those employees — which, even at a higher salary, is far cheaper than replacing them. According to Deloitte, the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to twice that employee’s annual salary because of included costs of hiring, on-boarding, training, ramp time, and more. Invest money in top talent at the outset, and everyone will win.


The best employee benefits are another staple of the best workplaces, so ensure you’re doing research to provide the most attractive packages your business can afford. Employees actually value health benefits over extra salary at a 4 to 1 ratio, underscoring just how important this particular perk is. Investing in great benefits for your team also demonstrates to them that their health matters to you. Health benefits allow your employees to seek help when they need it, which can also protect your workplace by keeping everyone healthier.

Work From Wherever

One company perk that is gaining popularity is a “work from wherever” policy. This flexibility helps your team members who are parents, or who have responsibilities where working from home even part-time can be a huge difference maker. This isn’t just about working from home, though — it includes creative work locations to spur your team’s imagination. Are you working on a project with nautical themes? Perhaps an afternoon sketching and brainstorming in an aquarium would help spark new ideas. Is your team feeling cooped up? Let them head to the park or the beach to stretch their legs and their brains. By giving your creatives the freedom to find their inspiration, you will help them feel supported to seek out the most productive work environment for them, and get their best work in return.

Service Opportunities

While volunteering has always been an important perk to offer employees, millennials and Gen Z have come to expect time to give back in their communities. Thus, VTO is becoming a critical company perk. Employees want to feel that they aren’t simply working for a company, but rather, they are working for an employer who values community service and wants to make an impact.

Pet Insurance

This may have undertones of “avocado toast” chicness to it, but hear us out. For many employees, their pets are critically important members of their family, and they can have medical emergencies just like any other member of the family. A unique perk like pet insurance can set you apart from the pack — and put you in a league with companies like Zappos, Trunk Club, and Sprout. 

Free Food

A time-honored workplace tradition, free food is a perk that is consistently a winner. Not only can it be a game-changer for your employees to save some extra money and try something new as a team, but it’s a cost-effective investment for your business. As employees shift to remote workplaces, free food might end up being trickier to offer — but there are still creative ways you can participate in this perk. Give employees a food delivery gift card, and join a video conference as a team to do a remote “unboxing” of lunches that get ordered. This will also help your employees avoid burnout by just working through their lunch.

Creative Perks

Finally, it can be incredibly valuable for your company to think up creative perks that are most relevant to your business. A recent industry study reported that 48% of employees weigh innovative company benefits and perks in their decision to find their next job. Particularly for top-notch creatives, this can be a way for your prospective candidate to judge your business’ creativity and care for your employees. Creative perks can also set you apart. In-house professional development and education, funding towards trips, and massages are just some of the benefits thoughtful employers are offering their staff.

Ultimately, you’ll need to balance the needs of your business (and your budget!) with investments in these company perks. But the benefits aren’t just for your team — you’ll see them, too, in an engaged, happy, healthy workforce.

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