Happy Birthday to CROOW!

It’s CROOW’s first birthday, so we’re looking back at all we’ve accomplished in year one, and sharing some exciting plans for the future.
By Caitlin Wittlif Jun 3, 2020

There are some who prefer to downplay big events in their lives, keeping it low-key and under the radar. While we started in stealth mode, we’re ready to break free and be discovered. So we are delighted to celebrate our one-year birthday during the month of June! CROOW was officially formed in June of 2019, when a gap in collaborative functionality led to a group of professional digital marketers saying, “There’s got to be a better way.” Thanks to thousands of hours of work across multiple teams, CROOW was born to help creatives be more efficient, and capitalize on the “work smarter, not harder” ethos.

The brand feature in CROOW stemmed from the eternal frustration of having to email requests back and forth for assets like logos, official colors, and brand fonts. Not only did this add inbox volume for clients and creatives alike, but it meant passing assets between hands that required triple-checking versions and upload/download time constraints. Wouldn’t it be great to have a singular place for all brand assets for a client? We thought so, too.

Accountability is critical to the success of a campaign, which is why some marketing agencies have adopted project management software to keep tasks logged. But wouldn’t it be cool if you didn’t have to navigate back and forth between tools, and everything could live in one? We’re on the same page.

Client approvals are key for moving a project forward, and providing clients the ability to leave specific feedback directly on an asset makes for a more streamlined process for everyone involved. We love to put our clients first.

Other daily agency tasks, like time tracking, often mean you’re opening ANOTHER tool to enter more information. How much software does that mean you’re building accounts for, educating your staff on, and having to upkeep? Too many, it sounds like. So we put it all in CROOW.

We’ve reached a lot of benchmarks in 365 days — here are our highlights:

  • Our initial product went out to Alpha in Summer 2019, with 20 creatives and marketers giving feedback.
  • We used Fall 2019 to revamp the product with new creative review and collaboration features.
  • We moved to Beta in Winter 2019 and received feedback from over 50 creative ad marketers, including our first lunch ‘n learns when that was still a thing.
  • We officially launched in April 2020 and received additional feedback that has helped us improve project management and To-Do functionality.
  • We moved past our first 100 users in May 2020 along with additional feedback that led to new functionality in video creative review and time tracking.
  • As we celebrate our birthday in June, we have launched our blog and are working hard to engage the creative community with valuable content and tools.

We’re also not content with resting on our laurels. New features are already scheduled for development and release, like wireframing and time tracking updates. And we gather feedback from creative users on a weekly basis to make sure that we’re prioritizing the right updates. We want to be a game changer for creatives everywhere, enabling you to do more with tools that make creative projects easier.

If all this sounds too good to be true, we have one more thing — a gift for you. It’s not a birthday without presents, after all. For the month of June, we will continue to honor our offer of premium access for groups of up to 25. Just use the code RemoteCollaboration when you sign up for CROOW. This offer will expire when our birthday month ends, so we recommend trying it now to see everything CROOW can do for you.

We have loads of new content planned for this month, as well. You’ll hear from our developers about the story behind the features. We have thought leaders providing tips and tricks for making the most out of a remote working environment. We’ll publish how-to guides so you can get the most out of CROOW. And we have CROOW crew members standing by to support you with any questions that arise as you’re looking to adopt a new platform. So go ahead and order that slice of cake from Grubhub — it’s time to celebrate!

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