How to Boost Your Marketing Team's Remote Workflow

If you're winging your workflow, you may be running into inefficiencies. Let's talk through the most important considerations you need to make, and the tools and strategies to support them.
By Jolene Rheault Jun 5, 2020

Maintaining a marketing team’s workflow is challenging, especially when your team is remote. First, let’s define what we mean when we use the term “workflow.” A marketing workflow is a sequence of steps that govern the tactical elements of your campaigns. In your overall campaign process, implementing a marketing workflow comes after your content strategy and before content production. It is important to have a clear and direct workflow, easy communication between team members, and a common collaborative workspace to keep track of your project. To maximize your remote workflow, there are a few practices you can adopt. Spoiler alert: it’s all about finding the right tools to get the job done.

Selecting a singular platform for your project work will help build the strongest possible foundation as you get started. Communication really is key when it comes to remote work. The right tools can make remote work just as easy as in-person workplaces. A creative collaboration platform can help remote marketing teams work smarter and faster, so your team can achieve higher quality outcomes. 

When you’re selecting the right tool for your team, there are a few features you should consider. Workspaces or project spaces can offer better alignment and transparency across marketing campaigns, allowing tasks to be grouped together for better organization. The right workspace will keep your team organized and in sync as you unite on marketing projects. Using a collaboration tool will keep all tasks transparent and can help reduce unnecessary multitasking.

Task lists or to-do’s can be a great tool for a project manager, because they provide a view of each team member’s workload. Mapping out every task that needs to be completed makes your workflow clearer. In order to reduce clutter, a project manager can combine steps into tasks and identify project dependencies. 

It is important for your team members to be able to track their time in order for you to adequately assess what tasks should go to which person. With a time tracking tool, team members can track their time accurately across projects and clients with the click of a button. It’s helpful to find a time-tracking feature that allows for easy organization and filtering. Even better is a tool that allows you to estimate the time a task will take — this can assist you in the prioritizing process. 

Another essential remote workflow booster is ensuring each task has a clear definition of done. This prevents tasks having to be reviewed multiple times or completed more than once. It also gives you the chance to clearly communicate expectations before you assign work. The clearer the objective, the more your team can independently execute their tasks — further improving their productivity and autonomy.

Quick client approval can help significantly speed up a project. It can be hard working on a team, especially remotely, and making sure the correct checks are completed. Elements can be forgotten or never even reviewed, setting back project deadlines and missing goals. Find a platform where your team and clients can comment and approve directly on an asset. For example, in CROOW, you can track review notes directly on an asset, and track versions right in the tool. No more will you have to sift through email chains to find the most relevant feedback for a project! Boosting the review process can completely change the pace of your team’s project timeline.

The best marketing automation workflow tools will help boost your marketing team’s remote workflow. However, a strong team with a shared goal of excellence and a high level of motivation will be the strongest asset to a remote team. A standardized remote marketing workflow structure, crystal-clear communication, detailed task management, and easy time tracking will guarantee a boost to your remote marketing workflow.

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