Prepping for Film Day: Choosing the Right Setting for Your On-Location Shoot

Your film day is approaching and our film CROOW is coming to you at your office or chosen location! One of your most important decisions during pre-production is picking a setting at your location most conducive for a great video. Here are our team’s tips to ensure that you pick the perfect on-site location.
recording studio shoot
By CROOW Staff Apr 13, 2022
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A good setting is a key factor for creating an amazing video. Your film location should have good lighting, the right background, and zero background noise. Read below for our team’s guide to picking the perfect setting at your location to shoot your videos. A good test is to take some photos of a subject at a couple of different locations at the same time of day of shooting. Which picture do you like best? Share your pics with us and we can help you make a choice!


Good lighting is a game changer. While our team will bring professional equipment to get the most out of your shooting location, there are still some things you can consider when choosing your setting location.

  • Look for a location with a lot of natural light. Natural lighting is soft, easy on the eyes, and subjects turn out bright and flawless when we can use as much natural light as possible!
  • Avoid backlighting. If you are planning for windows as the backdrop, reconsider. Unless windows are heavily tinted, there will be distracting shadows in the foreground. Avoid us having to shoot into a backlit room.
  • Be aware of too many fluorescent lights overhead – the less the better.



Picking the right background can elevate your video. Here are our team’s best practices for picking the perfect background!

  • Make sure that the background complements the lighting well. For example, light complements a plain background really nicely. Like a white brick wall, a book shelf with minimal decorations, a neutral colored wall.
  • Avoid backgrounds with movement or potential glare like a display or TV that could be distracting to the eye.
  • Tidy up before our team comes. A messy environment will distract the viewer and take away from the video.
  • Be conscious about what’s in the background. Your background is an extension of your branding. Be deliberate when picking your color scheme and any props that appear in the video.



When picking your filming location, make sure that the space is quiet. Microphones are extremely sensitive, and they’ll pick up something as subtle as the hum of an air conditioner or a refrigerator turning on and off.

  • Avoid locations where there is a natural echo.
  • Try to find a remote location away from other people that may be talking in the background or in the office next door. Even quiet background conversations will be picked up by our microphones and affect the audio.



If you choose just the right location, share it with your subjects in the video so they can begin feeling comfortable about the location and choose attire to complement the setting. Don’t forget to share our wardrobe tips, too.

If you’ve racked your brain and still can’t pick the right setting, don’t fret. We have studio locations where we can host you and your team. Whether at your desired location or in our selected studios, you can feel confident that our CROOW will make it great. We can’t wait to be on set with you.