Project Management Features Critical to Team Productivity

If you're hoping to adopt software to increase your team's productivity, you may be wondering which project management features are the most important to look for. Today, we outline our recommendations for the must-haves in your project management tools.
project management features
By Sarah Rodhouse Jan 20, 2021
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In the workplace, increasing productivity is always a priority. Small mistakes are easy to make, which can add up in the long run. In fact,  Pulse of the Profession found that 9.9% of a dollar is mostly wasted due to improper and poor project performance. Projects can get complicated with many team members involved and many different moving parts, and you want to make sure that no tasks are slipping through the cracks. Project management software can be a great solution for improving productivity and organization. While each has their differentiating factors, there are many common features of project management softwares that are critical to team productivity. 

Task Management

One of the key features of project management software is task management. Tasks and sub-tasks are what make up a project, and having visibility and control over tasks will make every teammate more productive. If every member of the team has their tasks entered into a project management system, they can see what they have on their plate and are able to prioritize the tasks at hand. Many softwares have task management charts that allow teams to prioritize, assign, and execute tasks efficiently. This also helps managers understand the workload of each of their employees, ensuring that nobody’s plate is too empty or too full.

Team Collaboration

In a time where many teams are operating remotely, collaboration tools have never been more important. A project management benefit is that most softwares prioritize efficient collaboration tools. Most include project visibility across multiple team members, as well as communication tools within the platform. By keeping track of project changes, comments, and suggestions all in one place, you’ll save time, and prevent unnecessary confusion. Allowing multiple people to collaborate on a project within the project management software will improve the quality and efficiency of the task. 

Requests & Approvals

Request and approval project management features improve organization and communication between project managers, their team, and their clients. Managers and clients can put in requests for projects and tasks, without the ask getting lost in notes or a forgotten email. When a task is completed by a team member, approval features streamline task feedback, cutting down on back-and-forth communication and providing one document of truth to refer to for all stakeholders. 

Real-Time Reporting

Accurate reporting updated in real time is a key factor in effective project management. Project managers need to know where their team members are at on their assigned tasks, and executives need updates on budget and performance for projects across the organization. Project management platforms that update in real-time, like the creative collaboration PM application CROOW, will help boost that productivity and transparency across the organization. 

Time Tracking 

Time tracking project management features can be very beneficial to an organization, especially in creative industries. Tracking the duration of time spent on projects and tasks can help your company figure out how much to charge clients for the work, and is particularly essential when billing is hours-based. Time tracking can also show the average time it takes for a team member to complete a task, and therefore how much work they have the bandwidth to take on. 

These key features of project management platforms are critical to team productivity, and can help boost efficiency in an organization. These kinds of project management tools generate clarity, collaboration, and visibility across a team to allow for more focus on creativity and innovation.