The Brand Storytelling White Paper

Via a partnership between CROOW and Sparxoo, we bring you a white paper resource featuring tips, tricks, and best practices for creating a brand story. Define your own, make it stand out, and present it in a dynamic campaign that gets attention. Read on for excerpts from this amazing resource.
By CROOW Staff Aug 17, 2020

The Brand Storytelling White Paper

What’s in a brand story? Quite a bit, if you do it right. So much so, in fact, that you might be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to crafting your story. That’s why CROOW teamed up with Sparxoo to release a white paper guide all about brand storytelling. The white paper features in-depth interviews with leaders from Sparxoo, including president Rob Kane, art director Janel Gancena, and Sparxoo Studios president Zach Gresham. If you want a sneak peak of what you can expect, read on for our featured highlights from the first section.

Advocating Agency Partnerships

If you’re just starting your brand story campaign, you may be wondering if you need to partner with an agency. In the kick-off to our white paper, we highlight the benefits of teaming up with experts to craft a compelling brand story.

“Customers want content they can connect with, and that makes them feel good. A study by Headstream showed that if people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy that product in the future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately. This all boils down to the fact that it makes good business sense to invest in your brand story, and make it memorable. So how can you do that? Partner with the experts.” 

Best Brand Guidelines

There are a lot of aspects to consider when you build your brand story and start to track your associated campaigns. Sparxoo president Rob Kane breaks down the most important considerations to set you up for success. One such consideration is which kpi’s to use when you measure success of your brand story.

“When your campaign is ready to live out in the world, how will you measure
its success? This is where your brand analytics will come heavily into play. Decide how you’ll be measuring brand awareness, and what the right brand awareness kpi’s are for your business. Rob’s guidelines around these brand analytics breaks down into two primary categories: qualitative measurements, and quantitative measurements.”

Stand-Out Brand Stories

Rob Kane is back to share best practices for making your brand story stand out from the pack. The strongest jumping-off point is the “why” — why does your company operate the way it does?

“In today’s mid or post-pandemic marketing landscape, many marketers and brands are asking themselves how they can connect with their customers, employees, and future prospects. The answer for many has been to focus on their brand’s core values and continue moving forward with a purpose-driven mission and empathy.”

Sparxoo’s Design Secrets

Sparxoo’s incredible art director, Janel Gancena, has an eye for design and a passion for her work. She has led her team through many successful campaigns, and has insider tips on how to master design and stay true to a brand’s story.

“For Sparxoo, there are two main ingredients that Janel feels make up our recipe for success. ‘The first thing is what we call strategic design,’ she says. ‘There’s equal importance on both the initial strategic aspect of a project and the design. That leads into the second thing, which is the variety and diversity of team members that we have. Everyone has a different expertise, everyone wears multiple hats, and I think being able to have a team like that to lean on gives us an advantage over any other agency. Collaborating can potentially change my design, or the amount of versions I have, because I want to do what the client wants, but it will inspire me to do a little more.’”

Want more? Access the full white paper by clicking here.

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