Video Project Management: Software, Tips, and Tricks

Whether you’re outsourcing video production to professionals or you’re handling it on your own, it’s vital to have a project management plan for video production. 
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By CROOW Staff Jan 11, 2023
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As the world continues to become more virtual, we see adoption and usage rates dramatically increase for video. In fact, a Brightcove study showed that Enterprise video rose 91% in the first quarter of 2020, and in the quarters (and years) since, that trend has only continued.

With so much demand for video and so much proven success of video as a marketing, entertainment, and educational tool, it’s becoming more important to implement it in your own company. But whether you’re outsourcing video production to professionals or you’re handling it on your own, it’s vital to have a project management plan for video production. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight some basic tips, tricks, and software that can be used to make video project management a little easier. For a more in-depth discussion on video production project management, check out our complete guide: The Complete Guide to Project Management for Video Production.

The Power of Software

When determining a project management process, you have basically two options:

  • Manage everything manually through hand-created spreadsheets, manual emails, and phone records
  • Use a software built with the intention of centralizing information, dates, approvals, etc. in one location

Putting it that way makes it seem like an easy choice! But if you’re reading this blog, you know that this decision isn’t black-and-white. 

While most manual tools like spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls are likely already available to you, they take up a lot of your time in management, tracking, and maintaining. And those costs trickle down to the bottom line, both from a time management and client billing perspective. 

On the other hand, project management software isn’t cheap and often requires a fairly steep learning curve before it becomes truly efficient for your business. Furthermore, most PM softwares would require a fair amount of adjustment before they’re able to really match a video production process. That’s where CROOW comes into play.

The team here at CROOW comes from a video production background, and after trying many different PM softwares, we realized that none of them really work perfectly well for video production. There are many unique steps involved in producing a video that simply don’t exist for other industries that a typical project management tool wouldn’t include. That’s why we built our own: CROOWpm. CROOWpm can help automate your administrative work so you can get your projects done faster and more effectively. Learn more on our website.

Project Management Opportunities Across the Production Process

Just because each video is unique, doesn’t mean your production process isn’t roughly the same for each project. Finding consistencies across your process can help you determine areas that are perfect for a PM tool to manage. Here are a few common areas:

  • Initial briefing sessions. A quality PM software will allow you to store all your initial notes from the briefing session in one central location. This way, you can always return to the foundation of the project as new thoughts and recommendations surface along the way.
  • Production note management. Most PM softwares allow you to add a project description at the forefront of the project. Keep your notes here and tag key stakeholders to make sure everyone is in agreement on the basics.
  • Timing of production. Use Kanban Boards and Calendar tools to assign tasks by due date to specific users. This way, everything is recorded in the beginning and you can allow automatic notifications to keep you on-track for the remainder of the project.
  • Assembling the production team. Add all of your stakeholders (teammates, clients, etc.) to your PM Software so they have the ability to be tagged, assigned, and notified of changes/tasks as they come up.
  • Maintaining Communication. Any project management tool worth its salt will let you tag stakeholders in key messages. Keeping all communication in one central location, rather than spread out amongst different emails, phone calls, and text messages improves accountability. 

There are many more opportunities for PM tools to be used in video production, and the right tool should only make your life easier. If you’d like to learn more about how project management can scale your video production business, check out our Complete Guide to Project Management for Video Production. Otherwise, learn more about our project management tool, CROOWpm, on our product page.