What is Creative Collaboration?

What is creative collaboration, and how can you help your team be great at it?
By Sarah Rodhouse Mar 17, 2021
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What is Creative Collaboration?

Creative collaboration is defined as “a relationship between two or more persons with a common purpose of creating new objects through certain ideas and shared understanding of something new and a common goal.” Essentially, this means that a team is collectively working together to solve a problem in an innovative way, or come up with a brand new idea. 

Two Heads are Better Than One

You might be under the impression that group projects are the worst, that teammates never pull their weight, and that you’re better off working alone. However, collaboration is key in the creative industry as it is what pushes your work to the next level. Working alone can sometimes leave you single-minded and unknowingly close off other creative paths. But, while working in a team, you can see perspectives from multiple people and bounce ideas off each other to reach a more creative outcome. In fact, extremely connected teams demonstrate a 21% increase in profitability overall.

How Can I Optimize Creative Collaboration?

A Perfect Storm 

Implementing intentional brainstorming sessions with your team is a great way to improve creative collaboration. No-judgement brainstorming will help push your minds to their creative limits and bounce ideas off one another to come up with creative plans that you could not have come up with on your own. 

An innovative way to conduct your idea generation session is through a brainstorm walk. It has been proven that people come up with their best ideas when their mind is distracted by a mindless task, like showering or cleaning. Getting out in nature can be inspiring as well. In the age of remote work, getting together with your team to brainstorm can be difficult. However, instead of sitting down into a Zoom meeting, getting outside and going on a walk will help you come up with better ideas. If you live in the same city as your team, you can get together for a socially-distanced stroll. If your team lives further away from each other, a phone call while you walk works, too. 

I Need My Space

33% of Millennials say they want collaborative spaces in the workplace. With millennials becoming a majority of the workforce, providing that collaborative space, whether physical or virtual, will increase employee satisfaction and productivity. In a physical workplace, this can be a section of your office with comfortable seating, white boards, sticky notes, and other various ways to encourage camaraderie and teamwork. Although it becomes a little more tricky, collaborative workspaces in the virtual workplace can be created, too. Providing your employees with communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or Zoom will encourage casual conversations and collaborative opportunities even in a remote setting. Implementing check-in meetings daily or weekly will help encourage teams to work together and stay on the same page.

The Tools of the Trade

In the age of ever-changing technology and remote offices, a tool exists for almost any workplace need. CROOW is a platform that was designed specifically for creative teams and provides tools not only for project management, but for creative collaboration as well. Team collaboration features like real-time project updates, communication tools, and task management help remote teams better collaborate and be the best creative team that they can be.