Tampa Bay

We are lucky to call Tampa Bay home. Over the years, we’ve filmed hundreds of videos in the Tampa/St. Pete area and we have been able to work with some of the area’s brightest and most innovative companies, nonprofits, and thought leaders. We’ve been fortunate to work with the region’s most impressive and talented video production professionals as we continue to expand our video production in Tampa Bay.


Immerse yourself in Atlanta's captivating essence as diverse cultures harmonize with vibrant energy, creating an ideal backdrop for unforgettable video production. From the iconic skyline to soulful music, lush green spaces, and tantalizing cuisine, Atlanta's renowned production companies ensure each project captures the city's unique blend of charm, resilience, and Southern hospitality.

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Miami, a vibrant coastal paradise, entices with its sun-kissed allure and pulsating energy. From stunning beaches to a lively nightlife, the city sets the stage for captivating video production. With an array of top-notch production companies, Miami's dynamic market thrives, ensuring each project captures the city's undeniable flair and tropical charm.

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Experience Boston's captivating blend of history and energy, perfect for dynamic video production. CROOW is tapped in to Boston's top production companies to capture the city's intellect, resilience, and New England charm with every project.

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Charlotte is a thriving hub for video production, boasting captivating landscapes and an array of prosperous enterprises. With its colorful environment and dynamic community, the city breathes life into every frame. A bustling haven for creative minds, Charlotte's vibrant video market showcases local talent, poised to fulfill any video production endeavor.

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Chicago, a city alive with energy and cultural vibrancy, reveals its majestic essence through captivating video production. With its iconic skyline and diverse neighborhoods, the Windy City becomes an enchanting canvas for capturing breathtaking visuals. Boasting a wealth of premier video production companies, Chicago’s dynamic market has answers to all of the video industries' needs.

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As the old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas - and video production is no exception. Dallas is ripe for video production, with beautiful settings and views to complement the number of successful companies and thought leaders.

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Washington DC

Washington, DC is full of history, cool neighborhoods, and a wide range of businesses. Washington DC, has a robust video market, with many leading video production companies in the area to film across the city’s wide range of video needs. CROOW is tapped into the city’s video scene to ensure that our Washington, DC-based clients are working with the area’s best video production teams.

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In the heart of Texas, H-Town showcases its lively essence through the magic of video, offering a boundless range of visual storytelling opportunities. With a wealth of renowned video production companies, Houston's thriving market ensures that every project captures the city's unique blend of southern hospitality, innovation, and boundless spirit.

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In Minneapolis, diverse culture and dynamic energy converge, offering an inspiring backdrop for captivating video production. From picturesque lakes and a renowned art scene to a bustling cityscape, the city's plethora of esteemed production companies ensures that every project captures Minneapolis' unique blend of creativity, resilience, and Midwestern charm.

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Nashville is a bustling city of commerce, local food joints, and one of the world’s best music scenes. The city is ripe for video production, with beautiful settings and views to complement the number of successful companies and thought leaders.

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New York

In the lively heart of New York City, video production thrives amidst a dynamic tapestry of inspiration. With an abundance of esteemed production companies, New York City's thriving market ensures that every project captures the city's unparalleled blend of creativity, pulsating energy, and unwavering spirit.

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Orlando: Where enchantment meets creativity for captivating video production. From theme park magic to thriving arts, Orlando's esteemed production companies capture the essence of its unique blend of wonder, excitement, and Florida charm.

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Philadelphia has much to offer in the name of commerce, culture, sports, history, and local food joints. The City of Brotherly Love is home to a number of successful companies, several of the country’s most incredible museums, and some of the world’s well-known sports teams, all of which make for excellent subject matter for video production.

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The Steel City, is home to a number of successful companies, some wonderful museums, and some of the most famous sports teams in the world. The city of Pittsburgh is ripe for growth in video production, with beautiful settings and views to complement the number of successful companies and thought leaders.

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Tri-Cities has emerged as a vibrant destination for video production. Combining natural beauty and urban charm, this region offers a diverse backdrop for filmmakers and content creators. Our experienced team at CROOW connects clients with the area's top video production teams, ensuring exceptional results for your projects.

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