Client Portal

Leverage the Client Portal for improved collaboration, smoother projects, and better workflow on video projects

Involving Clients Directly in the Video Production Process

Collaborating with clients for video production can be a challenge. How much input do you want from clients? What’s the best way to incorporate client feedback while also ensuring that your projects progress efficiently? How do you manage clients who may want varying levels of involvement? There’s no easy answer to these questions, but here’s the thing: every client is different. So you need systems and processes that can account for the range of clients you see across different projects. The CROOWpm client portal was built by video professionals for video professionals to make collaborating with clients easier. Plus, the platform’s easy-to-navigate features allow clients to provide prompt decisions and approvals on video drafts or concepts, expediting the overall production process and reducing potential bottlenecks.

How the Client Portal Helps Improve Collaboration

The client portal helps improve collaboration in two primary ways: through streamlined asset collection and customizable forms. The software simplifies the process of collecting necessary assets from clients, like images, video clips, and audio files, by providing a centralized, easy-to-use platform, ensuring that no important elements fall through the cracks. Plus, CROOWpm comes with the ability to create and tailor forms to suit the specific needs of each project. This ensures that assets, preferences, requirements and sign-offs from clients are captured efficiently, enabling the production team to create content that aligns with the client’s vision.

Enhanced Video Review Process

CROOW offers an intuitive interface for clients to review, comment, and approve or request changes to a video, providing accurate time-stamped feedback and allowing clients and team members to collaborate, without the need for lengthy email chains or confusing feedback rounds. During the review phase of the video production process, production teams can have internal rounds and client-ready rounds, simply asking for feedback from the client by clicking the Request Video Feedback button, which sends an alert to your client that the video is ready for their review and feedback. 

Easy Access to Final Video Deliverables

CROOW’s client collaboration portal ensures that all final video deliverables and related projects assets are stored and easily accessible to authorized team members and clients, providing a unified and organized approach to handling project data.

Setting up clients in CROOW

You can add clients directly into CROOW by clicking into the Clients tab from your dashboard, selecting the button to add a new client, and then entering the company name and contact information so that the client can get up and running on CROOW. Once set up, clients can upload asset libraries with their branding information and assets and respond to client requests directly in the platform.

CROOW is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage video for clients, streamlined at a fraction of the cost.
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital
Easy Setup

Take Your Entire Video Production Process to the Next Level

When your video talent meets our project management, video projects become more streamlined and less painful. Leverage CROOW’s tools, workflows and automations to make your process more efficient so that you can scale to greater volume. See user guide for more information.

Collaborate Better, Work Faster

Maximize client collaboration with CROOW’s client portal, built to make video production more efficient and easier to manage