Shot List

Prepare for Productions with CROOW’s Shot List Tool

Leverage the Shot List Tool to Ensure You Get Everything You Need

Preparing for a production? You’re going to want to come prepared! With CROOW, you can flesh out a comprehensive shot list with a number of fields for you to fill out, including example images, the location/setting, shot type/angle for reference, as well as the camera and lens you’ll be using for said shot. This step is also customizable! You can add or remove different columns that pertain to your production so that the tool works for you and your team’s needs.

Arrange Your Shots in Order to Prepare for Filming

Changing the order of your shot list is as easy as dragging and dropping. Once you’ve built the comprehensive list of shots you want to capture for your filming, you can re-order them so that the list is optimized for what really matters: a smooth production day. Re-arrange as many times in preparation of your production as needed.

Embed Shot List into Call Sheet for a Smooth Production

Once your shot list is completed and ordered to your satisfaction, you can embed the shot list into your call sheet for your on-set team to access. With the shot list embedded into the call sheet, your team can run the production efficiently, making the best use of time on-set and ensuring that everyone is on the same page and fully prepared for what the production will entail.

CROOW is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage video for clients, streamlined at a fraction of the cost.
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital
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When your video talent meets our project management, video projects become more streamlined and less painful. Leverage CROOW’s tools, workflows and automations to make your process more efficient so that you can scale to greater volume. See user guide for more information.

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