Manage video projects in a platform that makes video production easier

CROOW’s collaboration platform was built to simplify video production for busy leaders, agencies, and production teams

Project Planning & Management

Stop bouncing between email, shared docs, spreadsheets and other tools to keep your video projects on track. Monitor, manage and collaborate on every step of the way, from project briefing to delivery.

User & Team Management

Simplify team and user collaboration in one centralized workspace. CROOWpm enables you to collaborate with production and clients teams and assign roles and

Setup Video with Briefing

Facilitate the pre-production process with an easy-to-use briefing tool that enables teams to be aligned on goals. Use this thoughtful and streamlined first step to set up your project for success.

Storyboarding & Dynamic Selections

Pre-Production is typically the most time-consuming part of a production. With CROOW’s storyboarding tool and built-in dynamic selections, you can plan for a full range of productions, gain pre-production time savings, and even set up production and post-production to be more efficient and successful.

Production Tools

CROOW was built by video leaders for video production teams, which is why our production tools are the star of CROOWpm.  With the entire filming process in mind, CROOW features an automated Filming Call Sheet, Director’s Sheet, and Editor’s Zone for the full production team to use.

Manage Final Deliverables

Streamline post-production with CROOWpm’s review & approval tool and then upload and share all final deliverables. Added benefit:  the deliverables are connected with the original briefing, specs, and mandatories for better aligned final delivery.

CROOW is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage video for clients, streamlined at a fraction of the cost.
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital
Easy Setup

Take Your Entire Video Production Process to the Next Level

When your video talent meets our project management, video projects become more streamlined and less painful. Leverage CROOW’s tools, workflows and automations to make your process more efficient so that you can scale to greater volume. See user guide for more information.

Easy Setup

Take Your Entire Video Production Process to the Next Level