Freelancer Collaboration and Marketplace

Enhance Your Productions with the Best Freelancers On the Market

Find Freelancers That Are a Perfect Fit for Your Project

With CROOW’s marketplace of freelancers, you can easily find vendors for upcoming projects. You can filter by location, skill, and rate to ensure that the freelancers you find are a natural fit for what you are looking for. Each freelancer profile includes rates, endorsements from other teams that have hired them, and contact information so that you can easily move forward with vendors you want to hire.

Collaborate with Freelancers through CROOW’s Vendor Portal

Using the CROOW Vendor Portal, your team can collaborate and work with freelancers like never before. You can assign tasks, responsibilities, and due dates to your vendors, add them to any projects you have going on, and easily incorporate them into your workflow. Freelancers have access to the storyboard and briefing, can upload assets into the project, and can leave feedback throughout the creative process. Plus, the freelancers from CROOW Market are comfortable using CROOWpm for video productions and will understand how to use the software to enhance your production.

CROOW is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage video for clients, streamlined at a fraction of the cost.
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital
Easy Setup

Take Your Entire Video Production Process to the Next Level

When your video talent meets our project management, video projects become more streamlined and less painful. Leverage CROOW’s tools, workflows and automations to make your process more efficient so that you can scale to greater volume. See user guide for more information.

Collaborate Better, Work Faster

Maximize client collaboration with CROOW’s client portal, built to make video production more efficient and easier to manage