Project Management Software for Video Production

Scale Your Video Production All in One Project Management Platform

Set Up & Manage Video Projects

Whether you're a small production team or a large corporation, our project management software is an invaluable tool for streamlining your video production process. We can help you plan, organize, and manage your video projects to increase efficiency and productivity. CROOW project management software makes it easier, starting with briefing and project planning through deliverable details, managing due dates, and the video review process.

Optimize Your Storyboarding Workflow

Plan your video content in the storyboarding tool built for your convenience. Build the content your way from scripting and audio to a more visual approach to video. The workflow combines the pre-production storyboard, dynamic customizations, and style selections in one location so your editing team can create cuts that look just as you envisioned in pre-production. You can view and add various dynamic selections throughout the storyboard, including video and image treatments, basic animations, advanced graphics, logo animations, and title cards. Then tag the editing team with the final story to get the editing process off to a fast start.

Ready to learn more?

With organized video project management, your team can complete existing projects more efficiently, take on more projects and new clients, and create a comprehensive customer experience. Check out the Getting Started Guide for CROOW's groundbreaking project management platform built for video production


Streamline the Editing Process

Manage video projects through post production by setting up the editing team with the automated Editor's Zone. This workflow packages all of the pre-production storyboard, dynamic customizations, and style selections in one location so your editing team can create cuts that look just as you envisioned them in the pre-production.

Collaborate from Creation to Approval

Our project collaboration features enable team, client, and freelancer collaboration at every step of the video process to increase productivity, focus, and efficiency. You can invite clients, production partners, and collaborators to your team so they're with you every step of the way. We provide everything you need for a smooth and thorough editing process. You can collaborate with, solicit feedback, and communicate with colleagues in other departments to ensure the production process runs efficiently. In addition, you can include personnel from different teams in designated projects to incorporate their knowledge into necessary tasks.

Join the future of video production today

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, the right project management software is essential for video production businesses. Get started to experience video production like never before and see what project management can do for you. Or, contact us today and learn how you can take your video production workflow to the next level with our project management software for video production.

Why is Video Project Management Important?

Scale your business

We've designed our project management tool with your growing video team in mind. Our production tools are created with practicality and ease of use in mind. Utilize the Director's Sheet, Call Sheet, and Editor's Zone to automate video production processes while boosting organization.

Collaborate better

With CROOWpm, you can collaborate more effectively, accelerate productivity, and streamline communication between all stakeholders in the video production process. Seamlessly work with vendors and clients across the entire project lifecycle to ensure project success.

Get $#!+ done

CROOWpm's revolutionary platform is designed specifically for video production to help work get done faster, better, and more efficiently. Simplify the process of creative collaboration, enabling faster and more effective project completion. With our project management software for video production, you'll create engaging studio-quality videos like never before.

Track Projects

Manage responsibilities, set due dates, and track progress to ensure that deliverables are completed on time and clients are satisfied.

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For teams looking to view and track the progress of video projects primarily led by other teams

Free Access includes:
  • Collaborate with team members on a limited number of projects
  • Work with members of other teams that are leading video projects
  • Review video cuts and offer feedback


$35 / mo /user

$25 / mo /user

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Best-in-class project management for video teams to elevate managing many projects through custom workflows, automations, and production tools

CROOW+ includes:
  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited access to projects
  • Oversee projects and manage tasks to track progress
  • Access to our storyboarding tool and library of custom animations
  • Access to automated production tools such as Director's Sheet, Editor's Zone, and Feedback section
  • A custom Team ID to users to invite them to join your team
  • Connect and collaborate to work with other teams on shared projects


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For organizations that need centralized visibility, control, and support. Get CROOW’s video project management platform with advanced admin features and security at scale

Enterprise includes:
  • Everything in the CROOW+ Plan, with customizations built directly for your team
  • Get in touch with us to chat about a custom plan that works best for your team

Best in Class Project Management for Video Production Teams

Our best-in-class project management software makes collaboration, productivity, and communication for video production teams' processes effortless. We help teams get great results from their projects quickly. With CROOW project management software, it's now easier than ever to collaborate with your team and clients on video production projects. You can scale your video production and keep track of multiple brands and teams by utilizing a structured system that can scale with your video projects as needed.

Your Video. Our Cutting Edge Project Management Software.

Video project management software has become essential for video production teams of all sizes in today's highly competitive, globalized world. As more organizations embrace the power of video to communicate and collaborate, project management software provides a way for production teams to manage the video production process efficiently and effectively. CROOW's project management platform is designed to help production teams plan, organize, and manage their video projects. Production teams can plan their projects by creating detailed project timelines and budgets, assigning tasks to team members, and monitoring progress. It also provides tools for businesses, clients, and production teams to collaboratively manage their video assets, such as footage, photos, videos, and audio clips.

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What's Included in CROOWpm

CROOWpm Dashboard

The CROOWpm Dashboard empowers you to take full control over the entirety of the video production process. In the dashboard, you can set up new projects, track the progress of existing projects, and monitor upcoming deadlines.


Your video production planning process can easily be streamlined and automated starting with our storyboarding tool. Plan out your video content from concepts to ideas and concepts. Storyboarding content automates into filming day call sheets like magic in our video project management platform.

Asset Library

CROOWpm’s storyboarding tool also gives your team the opportunity to utilize CROOW’s asset library of templates to make your video content more visually engaging and effective.

Deliverable Template

CROOWpm allows your team to build your own deliverable templates and customize them to fit your team’s working style. Establish working steps, set due dates, and delegate responsibilities to team members.

Internal & External Review

CROOWpm’s revisions process allows your team to maximize the process so as to welcome input from members of your team as well as members of your client’s team. Our revisions process ensures a smooth and consistent feedback process so that your final deliverables are to the liking of everyone involved.

Automated Call Sheet

CROOWpm’s automated call sheet is designed to streamline the day-of filming. CROOWpm inserts all pertinent information into a ready-to-use call sheet for the filming team to ensure a smooth filming.