CROOWpm User Guide

1: Create / Join Team

Insert your team name to create a new team on CROOWpm or paste your Team ID to join a team.

2: CROOWpm Dashboard

After logging into CROOWpm, you’ll come to your dashboard. Your default dashboard will be this Kanban view.

1) See your active projects, organized by color.

2) Toggle between Board, List, and Calendar depending on personal preference.

3) Begin setting up a new project.

4) Oversee your deliverable templates, which lay out the steps in your video-making process.

5) Track and manage progress and tasks across different stages of the production process.

6) Each task is listed under a step to show the progress of each order. Drag and drop tasks from one step to the next to mark as completed and manage projects.

6a) Name of the deliverable the task belongs to

6b) Tag tasks according to internal descriptors

6c) See the date when finalized task is expected

6d) See the person primarily responsible for the task

3: All Projects

View and manage existing deliverables. You can track progress, manage step responsibilities, and see the deliverable type and deliverable owner.

1) View and track active projects

2) See users and owners of each project

3) See the number of videos in each project

4) Track the progress of each order and see what steps your videos are in

5) Add a project for your team to begin working on

6) Oversee your deliverable templates, which describe the steps in your video-making process

4: New Project

Begin to set up your new project by giving it a title

5: Project Dashboard

View and manage existing deliverables in the Project Dashboard. You can track progress, manage step responsibilities, and see the deliverable type and deliverable “owner.”

1) In the Left Nav, view the progress of existing deliverables and add new deliverables

2) Use the Brief to provide an overview of the project and assign traits to the order

6: Create Deliverable Template

Use video deliverables is to set up video deliverable templates which you can use over and over again. Video Deliverable Templates are built for a smooth workflow that’s adaptable to your needs and your team.

1) Add new templates, with as many or as few steps as your team needs to get work done efficiently

2) Assign Roles to each step, making sure that every step of your working process is accounted for

3) Adjust the order of the deliverable templates for whatever works best for you and your team

4) You can save as many templates as you would like for your team to be able to access

7: Deliverable Template

Title your deliverable and select your Deliverable Template, where you set working steps, establish due dates, and add users to assign responsibility for each step.

8: Video Setup

CROOWpm projects are organized around specific video deliverables. CROOWpm tools enable you to setup and manage video deliverables from start to finish.

1) To set up a video deliverable, Insert video name, type, overview, moods, any reference videos, and mandatory content you have for the deliverable in the Content Planning

2) Select ideal final video length, prioritize certain distribution channels, choose the desired aspect ratios, and enter any mandatory specs in the Distribution Planning

9: Storyboarding

Use the storyboard to plan out your video content, section by section. 

1) Choose between questions, talking points, and scripts for each section

2) Add prompts throughout the storyboard for the director to use on set, and add in content that you would like for the speaker to touch on

10: Dynamic Selections

Throughout the storyboard, view and add in dynamic selections, such as video and image treatments, basic animations, advanced graphics, logo animations, and title cards

11: Graphical Styles

Select the Lower Thirds and Captions you’d like to use throughout the video

1) CROOWpm’s pre-made options for Lower Thirds range from branded choices to more simple ones for selections that can fit any video needs

2) Multiple choices for captions to be selected based on where video will be distributed  and what the style of the deliverable is

3) Click “Mark Step Complete” to move on to next step

12: Filming

Use the filming step to prepare all attendees and the video team for a successful day in the studio. This step is constructed to minimize miscommunications and misunderstandings, ensuring that everybody is on the same page when heading into a filming.

1) Add Location Name and edit Filming Schedule to select date, time, and location of the filming location

2) Insert any pertinent Location Information for specific instructions about the location

3) The video team should use Gear List to enter the gear that they will be bringing to the studio

4) In Director’s Notes, the Director can leave instructions for the filming for the other members of the video team as well as the subjects. Director can attach files to the notes or mark them as urgent.

5) Click “Mark Step Complete” to move on to next step

13: Editing

The Editing Section is constructed for a smooth and thorough editing process, centralizing all assets and notes the editor needs to efficiently edit the deliverables

1) All intros, outros, sections, and dynamic selections added in the storyboarding section are available for the editor to download and use. If CROOWpm pre-made animations are selected, they can be downloaded here.

2) The editor can also access the Editor’s Zone

3) In the Editing Notes section, members of your team can give notes for specific editing needs or instructions, can mark the feedback as urgent, and can upload attachments to accompany the feedback.

4) Click “Mark Step Complete” to move on to next step

14: Internal Review

The Internal Review step is built to ensure that your cuts are client-ready. Allow members of your team to watch the first cuts and provide feedback, general or timestamped, and make sure that everything is accounted for.

1) Feedback Section

1a) Timestamp to pin feedback to a specific time in the video

1b) Add an attachment to accompany feedback and streamline the editing

2) Click “Mark Step Complete” to move on to next step


15: Video Review

Once deliverables are approved by your team internally, you can then submit them for the client to review in the Video Review step.

1) Feedback Section

1a) Timestamp to pin feedback to a specific time in the video

1b) Add an attachment to accompany feedback and streamline the editing process

2) Click “Mark Step Complete” to move on to next step

16: Director's Sheet

The Director’s Sheet includes a general overview of the filming: the subjects of the filming, the location, the date and time, aspect ratios to film in, and the selected backgrounds

1) In Studio Experience Section

17: Director's Storyboard

Included in the Director’s Sheet is an easy-to-follow storyboard complete with the content and the prompts required for each section

18: Editor's Zone

The Editor’s Zone is built for a painless editing process in which the editor has all assets, storyboard, and instructions needed to put together high-quality first and final cuts.

19: Editor's Storyboard

With the storyboard included and video setup included, the editor has everything they need to put together first cuts that are directly aligned with the pre-production vision.

1) Download all assets in a project

20: Collaborating with your team

1) Delegate responsibilities and assign tasks across your team for a smooth workflow

2) Track progress and set due dates in order to maintain efficiency

3) Get rid of needless Google Docs and endless meetings by communicating and collaborating with teammates across your projects

21: Collaborating outside your team

1) Coordinate with, gather input from, and send messages to members of other teams to make sure the production process runs smoothly

2) Add members from other teams to specific projects so as to bring expertise to projects that need them

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