Join the most innovative project management platform.

As your team grows, is work getting harder to manage and measure? If you and your team are looking to conquer new seas, it is easy to take the first step and get started with CROOW teams.


Business intelligence just got easier with the use of Team Health Dashboards that quickly and accurately give you snapshots of team and project performance.

  • Build Your Team in Minutes

    Quit wasting time and start making progress. Quick and easy team and group creation allows users to manage, complete, and collaborate on projects more efficiently and effectively.

    Getting Started with CROOW
  • Open Platform with Unlimited Team and Client size

    Break through platform roadblocks and size restrictions. Take advantage of limitless team numbers, team sizes, and user groups in order to delegate and monitor to-do’s and tasks within workspaces and projects.

    User & Team Management Details
  • Utilize Teams for Efficient Workspace & Project Management

    Abandon repetitive or overarching permission structures. Simplify how, and who, can execute work creating teams or groups based upon specific roles or tasks and structure their permissions at a workspace, project or to-do level.

    Collaborate with Your Team
Eliminate the guesswork of resource and workload visibility. Functional performance reporting at an individual and team level captures workloads, resource availability and pipeline forecasts in order to streamline business management and intelligence.
Forecasting & Reporting Details