Kanban & Gantt Views

Take command of your ship...and tasks, by measuring the progress of your projects and teams with Kanban and Gantt views.

  • Run Agile Teams Through Kanban Boards

    Kanban boards are a great way to manage through status, tracking the flow of work from backlog to in progress to complete. Kanban boards provide a visual look into the flow of work, with helpful callouts for To-Do’s that are blocked or need attention.

  • Lead Multi-Phased Projects with Gantt

    Plan & drive project progress with Gantt charts that display To-Do’s and assignments mapped across phases and timelines. Gantt charts are flexible with contingencies and ability to move individual or groups of To-Do’s as timelines evolve.

  • Plan Your Week through Calendar View

    Use calendar view for a quick glance into the assignments of you and your team. Easily view short-term workload and make adjustments in priority, assignment, and timing directly from calendar view.

  • Get a Comprehensive Look at Projects and Workload

    For those who love excel, list view displays all of your assignments in a detailed table. Sort, filter, and add to the list so you can keep projects up-to-date and on track.