CROOW Announces Market Expansion as it Celebrates Fourth Birthday

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By croow_admin Jun 26, 2023
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Tampa, FL. – June 6, 2023: CROOW today announced that it has successfully expanded its SAAS video production platform to new markets around the country. After establishing relationships with video production teams, agencies, and freelancers around in some of the biggest cities on the East Coast, the company set its sights on new markets around the country. This market expansion comes as CROOW celebrates a milestone in its development, its fourth birthday. 

Four years into the company’s journey, CROOW has evolved into one of the most dynamic and industry-changing companies in the video production space today. The company’s project management software is a best-in-class resource used by video production teams and freelancers all over the country. The company has also released CROOW Market, a freelancer marketplace for video production projects designed to help freelancers find high-quality, good-paying jobs and video production teams and agencies to find experienced freelancers. 

“CROOW’s expansion into new markets across the country is a testament to our dedication to providing the market-leading platform for video production teams and freelancers,” said CROOW CEO David Capece. “As we celebrate our fourth birthday, we are excited to continue evolving and changing the industry with our innovative project management software and the new CROOW marketplace for video production teams, agencies and freelancers.”

As CROOW heads into the second half of 2023 and enters its fifth year in business, the company eyes more exciting opportunities for market expansion and additional product features that will keep the company on the cutting edge of the video production industry. 

To learn more about CROOW, visit https://www.croow.com/


CROOW is revolutionizing video production through its innovative collaboration platform which has been incubated through agencies, production teams, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The software leverages workflows and efficiencies to streamline video production and change the way that studio-quality is produced. CROOW shines with advanced collaboration capabilities and in-app features that allow for clear storyboarding, efficient productions, and painless revisions. In just four years, CROOW has been named a Top 100 Startup in the United States, and CIO Applications has recognized CROOW as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022. For more information, visit CROOW.com.