CROOW Expands Video Offering to Boston, Orlando Markets

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By croow_admin Dec 13, 2022
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Tampa, Fl. – December 13, 2022: CROOW today has announced that it has expanded its presence into two new markets: the Boston and Orlando metropolitan areas. CROOW, recognized for its cutting-edge technology platform, is built to streamline video production and it looks forward to forming long-standing relationships with the most reputable video production companies in these new markets. 

CROOW’s expansion into Orlando sees the company continue to grow its presence across the Sunshine State, while the company’s expansion into Boston represents its intention to grow and build nationally, starting with the East Coast. The Tampa Bay-based video production software company is excited to begin working in these new markets, which are hubs of commerce and rich in video talent. 

“After successful launches in Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, we are taking the next step in bringing our streamlined video production process to early adopters and video production leaders across the country,” said CROOW CEO David Capece. “We are grateful for the warm welcome that we are receiving from executives and talented video leaders.”

CROOW’s expansion into these new markets comes as the company begins to get more national and international recognition, from conferences and media companies alike. Just this year, CROOW has been featured at several venture conferences in the United States and has also been recognized as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022 and the Most Innovative Company of the Year by CXO Outlook.

To learn more about CROOW, visit https://www.croow.com/


CROOW is revolutionizing video production through its innovative collaboration platform which has been incubated through agencies, production teams, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The software leverages workflows and efficiencies to streamline video production and change the way that studio-quality is produced. CROOW shines with advanced collaboration capabilities and in-app features that allow for clear storyboarding and painless revisions. In just three years, CROOW has been named a Top 100 Startup in the United States, and CIO Applications has recognized CROOW as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022. For more information, visit CROOW.com.


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