CROOW Launches New SAAS Platform for Video Production, CROOWpm

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By croow_admin Jan 9, 2023
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Tampa, FL. – January 9, 2023: CROOW today announced that it is officially rolling out its SAAS platform, CROOWpm. CROOWpm is the first video production project management software built to help video teams collaborate more effectively, scale more efficiently, and increase productivity across the production lifecycle. Over the past year, CROOW has built and refined the software with the input of multiple production teams delivering hundreds of videos across the US.  

CROOW is focused on streamlining video production so that video production talent can spend more time leveraging their skills with less time wasted on logistics and low value tasks.  The aspiration of CROOWpm is to be the platform that can help video teams grow 2x as much business without increasing overhead.  CROOWpm helps accomplish this while reducing the number of platform licenses required, providing best-in-class automation from storyboarding to director sheet to call sheet, and rolling up into a dashboard of all video projects so that it’s easier to manage productions in real-time.  

“Our team has been passionately building an award winning and  revolutionary video production project management software which enables video teams to save time and money, typically capturing 20 – 50% time savings versus current processes,” said CROOW CEO David Capece. “We are honored to have onboarded some of the brightest and most ambitious video leaders onto CROOWpm as we build the future of video production together.”

The rollout of CROOWpm marks a new era for the company, as it continues expanding into markets across the country. With a growth mindset a new product on the market, CROOW is poised to continue its upward trajectory throughout the new year with its leading video products CROOW Studio and CROOWpm. 

To learn more about CROOW, visit https://www.croow.com/


CROOW is revolutionizing video production through its innovative collaboration platform which has been incubated through agencies, production teams, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The software leverages workflows and efficiencies to streamline video production and change the way that studio-quality is produced. CROOW shines with advanced collaboration capabilities and in-app features that allow for clear storyboarding and painless revisions. In just three years, CROOW has been named a Top 100 Startup in the United States, and CIO Applications has recognized CROOW as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022. For more information, visit CROOW.com.