CROOW Named one of the 10 Most Visionary Companies to Watch in 2023

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By croow_admin Feb 14, 2023
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Tampa, FL. – February 14, 2023: CROOW today announced that has been named one of the 10 Most Visionary Companies to Watch in 2023 by The Inc Magazine. CROOW’s innovative and industry-changing collaboration software is disrupting the video production industry and helping businesses to produce video more efficiently. In 2023, the company looks forward to continuing to expand its production nationwide, enabling streamlined video production nationwide.

The Inc Magazine is an online corporate magazine that covers businesses and executives who are renowned for their creativity and uniqueness. It provides advice and industry know-how to professionals all around the world through the coverage of innovative companies, founders, and executives. 

The Inc Magazine recognized CROOW for its software products that improve collaboration across the video production space. CROOW Studio is a B2B video marketing platform that uses the CROOW software to help businesses produce corporate video at a more efficient and more affordable rate. CROOWpm is a SAAS product designed specifically for video teams to manage projects and scale their businesses by maximizing efficiency. 

“Our 2023 priority is adoption of CROOWpm software nationwide by production teams and early adopters who are expanding their video initiatives,” said CROOW CEO David Capece. “Built for scalability, CROOW’s vision is to be the leading collaboration platform for the video community.”

This recognition from the Inc Magazine signifies that CROOW’s momentum from 2022 is likely to carry over into the new year. In 2022, CROOW was featured at several venture conferences in the southeast United States, recognized as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022, and named the Most Innovative Company of the Year.

To learn more about CROOW, visit https://www.croow.com/


CROOW is revolutionizing video production through its innovative collaboration platform which has been incubated through agencies, production teams, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The software leverages workflows and efficiencies to streamline video production and change the way that studio-quality is produced. CROOW shines with advanced collaboration capabilities and in-app features that allow for clear storyboarding and painless revisions. In just three years, CROOW has been named a Top 100 Startup in the United States, and CIO Applications has recognized CROOW as one of the Top 10 Collaboration Technology Solutions Providers of 2022. For more information, visit CROOW.com.