Photography Review & Selects Process

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Share Photos with Your Clients like never before with the Selects Process

With CROOW’s selects process, your client can review and select photos with ease. All you need to do is upload the photos from the shoot and share them with the client. You can share the photos via public link, you can send them via email directly to your client, and you can set the number of photos your client select for final deliverables. You no longer have to worry about final deliverables getting lost in the shuffle of endless emails. With CROOW, the entire selects process happens in the system, so everyone is on the same page.

CROOW is an easy-to-use platform to create and manage video for clients, streamlined at a fraction of the cost.
Robyn Spoto, SpotOn Digital
Easy Setup

Take Your Entire Video Production Process to the Next Level

When your video talent meets our project management, video projects become more streamlined and less painful. Leverage CROOW’s tools, workflows and automations to make your process more efficient so that you can scale to greater volume. See user guide for more information.

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Maximize client collaboration with CROOW’s client portal, built to make video production more efficient and easier to manage