Video Production Made to Scale

It’s never been so easy to manage video production in collaboration with your team and clients. Manage video projects across brands and teams with organization and structure built to scale.

  • 1

    Set Up Your Team and Partners

    Easy Setup

    Register your team members and invite collaborators to join to begin working on projects

  • 2

    Set Up Projects

    Streamline Productivity

    Organize your projects and begin collaborating with team members

  • 3

    Plan Videos

    Use Storyboarding Tool to Prep Content

    CROOW’s storyboard helps you draft video content, align messaging, and develop your artistic vision

  • 4

    Select Video Customizations

    Establish Video Flow and Add Dynamic Customizations

    Draft your video content section by section and increase the visual appeal of the video by selecting from our pre-formatted dynamic customizations such as slide-in text, icons, and logo animations

  • 5

    Leverage Production Tools

    Resources Built for Success

    Our production tools are designed to be practical and easy to use. Use the director’s sheet, call sheet, and editor’s zone to bring automation to the video production process and improve organization.


  • 6

    Collaborate through Final Deliverable

    Comment Changes On Video

    Use our built-in feedback and review system to guide the editor in their final touches

It’s easy to get started.

We’ve got you covered from storytelling to production to final delivery.