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Simplify workflow from project kickoff through deliverable. CROOW has advanced project management software & tools to enable creative, marketing, design, and development collaboration.

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Easier and more efficient from project kickoff to approval.

A Single Tool for Creative Workflows

Create a Workspace

Organize a workspace around a project, a client, a team, a marketing initiative, fully customized to how you work.

Invite Users

Invite CROOW users to collaborate in the workspace.

Start Collaborating

Share updates, start creative review, log To-Do’s and more, all in any easy-to-use workspace.

Reduce Your Creative Review & Approval Time

Create an Approval

Upload a creative asset, invite team members, and get started on creative review

Comment on Creative

Use the commenting tool to provide feedback on creative (works on creative files, pdfs, and video)

Track Versions

Upload a new version, while keeping a history of the original version(s) and prior comments

Organize Your Brands In One Place

Upload Logo(s)

Get started on a brand library by uploading official logos

Add Brand Assets

Add creative assets including color palette, fonts, images, and templates

Share Official Brand Assets

Create a private brand to share with all collaborators, or create a public brand that’s available to all CROOW users

Smart Tools to Work Faster

Time Tracking

Track time to projects, clients, and To-Do’s

Creative Concerting

Use CROOW’s concepting tool to quickly product mood boards

More Tools Coming Soon

We’re always looking for new ways to help creatives and marketers better collaborate, so check back for more tools soon

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