User & Team Management

If you take out the “team” in “teamwork” it is just work. CROOW unifies teams, clients and projects in a visually engaging and collaborative way.

  • Create an account or team in 60 seconds.

    It’s fast and easy to get your account and team up-and-running. CROOW features are readily adaptable and can be used with minimal setup. CROOW User Guide and Onboarding Guide are great tools to help get started.

  • Setup Smart Teams for Business Intelligence

    CROOW teams enable roles, departments, and permissions to help manage your team the way you want. Team tagging automatically connects to dashboards for real-time team performance intel.

  • Choose How You Want to Collaborate with Clients

    CROOW has flexible sharing options that allow you to bring your clients directly into the process for less friction and easier communications. There are built-in options so you can choose when to keep work internal to your team, and when to share.

  • Bring Your Organizational Structure into CROOW

    Through roles & permissions, you can organize your team to best engage on projects. Smart roles simplify project setup to automatically suggest the right team members when using templates.