Business Trend Videos

This business trend video template was used for an executive to share market insights and establish credibility as a thought leader. Activate the business trend template and make tweaks to customize it for your needs.

Business Trend Videos

The Brief

A business trend video is a great way to showcase your understanding of your industry. The trend content should provide an overview of the trend as well as a discussion of why it’s important and what you need to know. Business trend videos are perfect for LinkedIn, where you can connect with future clients and demonstrate that you have the ability to help them navigate an ever-evolving world.

Product: Digital Shorts

This video used the digital short package to clearly and concisely state the trend and offer insights and perspective. For LinkedIn, these videos are typically best at 0:30 to 0:90 seconds so they are easily digestible and avoid being overly complex. Generally, longer interviews are suboptimal for trend videos unless there is a more elaborate packaging of trends.

The Styles

Title Card
Selected for a sleek and eye-catching start to the video
Dynamic Logo
Selected to match the logo - adjust as you see fit to best match your logo
Lower Thirds
Basic Left
Selected so as not to overly brand the video
Modern Captions
Selected for this video since it will be primarily viewed on LinkedIn and the on-trend content may get additional views and engagement via captioning
Business Trend Videos