Career / Community Thank You Videos

This product video template was used for a real-life thank you video to celebrate the end of a career chapter as well as community involvement. Activate the thank you video template and make tweaks to customize it for your needs.

Career / Community Thank You Videos

The Brief

Thank you videos give you the opportunity to add a personal touch to career updates and community milestones. Thank you videos can be highly engaging via social post and provide an opportunity for leaders to garner goodwill from the community and supporters. Update your network with a studio-quality video to reflect on the last chapter and look ahead to what’s next.

Product: Interviews or Digital Shorts

This example Thank You video was approximately 90 seconds and utilized the Interview approach. The video was set as a sort of fireside chat to make a more personalized and reflective connection. This video covered a 10 year span, one way to think about a legacy video like this is having approximately 10 seconds per year covered. For example, if capping off a 30 year run, you could have enough great content to fill 5 minutes. And for shorter reviews, we suggest a 0:30 to 0:60 Digital Short.

The Styles

Title Card
Branded Title Card
A dynamic start to grab the attention of the viewer; this title card uses a branded color scheme
Lower Thirds
Basic Left
Selected to match the title card and keep branding consistent
Blurred Industrial
Selection of background was important to have a warm industrial setting that keeps the focus on the subject, while creating a professional and beautiful backdrop
Editor's Choice - "Corporate"
Selected to match the mood of the video and the aesthetic of the blurred industrial background
Career / Community Thank You Videos