Core Values Video

This Core Values template was used for a company to show off one of its vital core values and highlight its company culture. Activate the Core Values template and edit it to match your needs.

Core Values Video

The Brief

An HR Core Values video is your opportunity to celebrate the culture that you’ve built at your company. Show the outside world the values that make your company stand out. These videos are very effective when it comes to hiring and retaining talent. HR Core Values videos are perfect for posting on your website and LinkedIn, where prospective employees and clients can see what makes your company so special.

Product: Interviews

HR Core Values videos are generally best-suited for longer form videos that allow you to really delve into the culture that you’ve built at your company. We recommend using the interview package to fully explore your company’s values and show your target audience how you put those values to action every single day. This example HR Core Values video filmed two subjects, one employee who was new to the company and another who had been there for years. We found that this choice worked well and presented the core values conversationally. That choice is entirely up to you: you decide how you would like to promote your culture in the best and most reflective way.

The Styles

Title Card
Dynamic Title
An eye-catching introduction to draw the viewer in, using a logo animation that the company provided
Lower Thirds
Logo Left
Selected to keep branding consistent
Editor's Choice - "Attention"
Selected editor’s choice to match the mood and tone of the video
Core Values Video