Culture Compilation Video

This compilation video was used for a company that wanted to showcase its culture in a unique, refreshing, and engaging way. Activate the culture compilation template and showcase your company and your employees like never before.

Culture Compilation Video

The Brief

A compilation video is a great way to show outsiders how your culture looks in practice. An HR and culture video can be filmed either in-studio or on-location; this company chose to film on location and feature several different employees. The same questions were asked to each subject for the sake of consistency and to get multiple perspectives on why the employees love working at the company.

Digital Shorts or Interviews

It is generally best practice to keep these compilation videos in between 0:60 and 0:90 seconds to keep the viewer engaged. In this order, the company selected two digital shorts packages for a total of six videos. They filmed five of those videos as HR, culture, and recruiting videos of individual team members and they used the sixth video slot to compile highlights of the first five video subjects. The company could have done the same with Interviews packages. Pick the style that best suits your company's needs!

The Styles

Logo Animation
Logo Fade-In
Selected for a branded beginning to the video
Modern Captions
Selected to complement the B-Roll and dynamic selections that will be used
Lower Thirds
Lower thirds are typically better for videos with fewer subjects - for this style video, we recommend not using any lower thirds
Dynamic Selections
B-Roll & Graphics
Prepare your B-Roll and graphics and upload them for dynamic selections - if you need additional B-Roll, contact us regarding corporate packages
Culture Compilation Video