Employee Spotlight Videos

This Employee Spotlight template video was created for a financial services company that wanted to highlight employees to humanize their overall brand, and also to attract potential employees.

Employee Spotlight Videos

The Brief

Employee Spotlights are a great way for companies to shine a light on their best and highest-performing employees. These videos are extremely effective for client-facing workers in the professional services industries, giving these professionals the opportunity to separate themselves from competitors and to appeal to prospective clients. In this video, a banker used the opportunity to talk about his background, go into detail about his work and community, and show off his personality.

Product: Interviews

These Employee Spotlight videos typically work best as longer-form content somewhere between 1:30 and 4:00 minutes. These videos are best when they are comprehensive and longer, giving the subject the opportunity to touch on a few different topics throughout the video.

The Styles

Logo Animation
Dynamic Logo
Selected to best complement the company’s logo
Lower Thirds
Logo Left
Selected to keep branding consistent
Modern Captions
Selected to optimize the video for social media and LinkedIn
Editor's Choice - "Epic Cinematic Flying"
Selected to match the mood and atmosphere of the video
Employee Spotlight Videos