Event Teaser Video

This Event Teaser template was used for a video when a company wanted to promote an upcoming event. Activate the Event Teaser Video template and make tweaks to customize it for your needs and your event.

Event Teaser Video

The Brief

An Event Teaser video is an extremely effective way to generate buzz for your next big company event. The video should explain to your target audience what the event is all about: who will be attending, who the corporate partners are, and what you’re celebrating. Use B-roll and photos to make the video pop and create engaging content for social media promotion in the buildup to your event.

Product: Digital Shorts

It is generally best practice to use Digital Shorts for your Event Teaser Videos. These 0:30 to 0:60 second videos will generate buzz around your event and make for engaging social media content. Generally, longer videos tend to lose the audience and are less effective as a whole.

The Styles

Title Card
Bold on Background
A simple start with a clear title to introduce your event - a branded background was provided.
Logo Fade-In
Selected to match the logo. Adjust as you see fit to best match your logo. Used at the end of the video.
Lower Thirds
Basic Left
Selected to match the title card.
Editor's Choice - "Still You"
Selected to match the anticipation for the event.
Event Teaser Video