How It Works / Product Videos

This product video template was used for a real-life how it works video. Activate the how it works template and adjust it to match your needs.

How It Works / Product Videos

The Brief

Current and future customers want to know the ins-and-outs of your product. How It Works videos take product demonstrations to a whole new level. With our dynamic customizations, you can show off all the features of your product, highlighting usability and product benefits. Be personable and helpful, and make sure to explain what your business does with clarity and insight. Use Product Videos to increase client engagement, attract new customers, and show your product off in a new way.

Product: Interviews or Digital Shorts

There are multiple approaches to How It Works videos. In this example, a Digital Short was used as a higher level overview of the product with some integration of product views. You can use the Interview package for a more in depth How It Works video, going deeper into the product, with a longer and more immersive demonstration.

The Styles

Logo Animation
Logo Animation with CTA
Used at the end with a CTA to encourage the viewer to go to website
Lower Thirds
Basic Left
Selected to match the title card
Blurred Industrial
Selection of background was important to have a warm industrial setting that keeps the focus on the subject, while creating a professional and beautiful backdrop
Editor's Choice - "Epic Cinematic Flying"
Selected to match the mood of the video and capture the excitement around the product
How It Works / Product Videos