Product Highlights (Mobile) Videos

This Product Highlights video was used for a company that wanted a unique and lively product demonstration. Activate the Mobile Phone Product Demo Video and customize it to match your product’s needs.

Product Highlights (Mobile) Videos

The Brief

Product highlight videos are extremely effective ways for innovative companies to showcase their mobile-friendly apps and products. These videos feature a company-provided product demonstration projected onto a smartphone, which gives the intended audience an idea of just how useful and user-friendly the product is. Be thoughtful about the information that your clients want to hear. Address your clients’ pain points and make it clear why your product is so useful.

Product: Interviews or Digital Shorts

Depending on the intricacies of your mobile product, both longer and shorter-form videos can be effective for the product highlights. We recommend keeping them under 0:90 seconds when possible, but we understand that some will naturally run longer. Select the package that best fits your needs.

The Styles

Title Card
Selected for a sleek and eye-catching start to the video
Logo Animation
Dynamic Logo
Used at the end of the video for a branded close
Lower Third
Basic Left
Selected to complement the company’s logo, which is in the bottom left corner of the entire video
Modern Captions
Selected to optimize the video for social media and LinkedIn
Product Highlights (Mobile) Videos