Thought Leadership Vlogs

This Thought Leadership Vlog was used by a company that wanted to turn some of its best-performing blog content into video form. Activate the template to demonstrate your expertise in a topic and to engage your audience with unique and relevant content. Adjust the template to match your needs and the topic at hand.

Thought Leadership Vlogs

The Brief

Many companies, especially in professional services, have experts with know-how that separates them from the competition. Thought Leadership Vlogs help companies, their leaders, and their experts to bolster their credibility in their field. This video was used to upgrade a well-performing blog topic into a more dynamic and versatile content form. These videos are effective and engaging on your company’s website, across social media, and even on your YouTube channel as you highlight executives while demonstrating their thought leadership and knowledge.

Product: Digital Shorts or Interviews

Depending on the breadth of the topic and the depth of your knowledge, these videos can run anywhere from 1:00 to 2:00 minutes. Use either Digital Shorts or Interviews for the Thought Leadership Vlogs, depending on how in-depth your video will be.

The Styles

Logo Animation
Logo Ripple
Selected to best complement the company’s logo
Minimal Captions
Selected to optimize the video for social media and LinkedIn
Lower Thirds
Basic Right
Selected for a simple introduction to the speaker
Editor's Choice - "Still You"
Selected to match the mood and atmosphere of the video
Thought Leadership Vlogs