Year-in-Review Brand Story Video

This Year-in-Review video was produced to be presented at an end-of-year event for the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce to reflect on the year that was and look forward to the new year. Activate this style of video to celebrate achievements and discuss future initiatives with a narrative arc.

Year-in-Review Brand Story Video

The Brief

Year-in-Review videos like this one are made to be presented at an event or banquet hosted to celebrate the achievements of the year that was. These videos also make for highly engaging content on your website or social media. Activate a fully-scripted, interview-style video to capture a narrative arc that will engage your viewers and make for really compelling content.

Product: Brand Story

This Year-in-Review video was approximately three and a half minutes long and utilized an interview-style, fully-scripted approach. The video featured interviews with several members of the Chamber's executive membership to provide a high-level perspective to the video. Activate the Brand Story for best results and a comprehensive review of the year as a whole.

The Styles

Title Card
Dynamic Logo
A dynamic start to grab the attention of the viewer
Lower Thirds
Logo Left
Selected to keep branding consistent
Various backgrounds selected to match the statements of each speaker
Editor's Choice - "Positive Ideas"
Selected to match the mood and flow of the video
Year-in-Review Brand Story Video